Tomorrow belongs to us: a flagship actress from Plus belle la vie arrives in the TF1 series

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A new character will make its debut in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. An actress who was in 'Plus belle la vie' will embody it.

  Tomorrow belongs to us: a flagship actress from Plus belle la vie arrives in the TF1 series

The next season of “Tomorrow belongs to us” seems to have a lot of new things in store for its fans . They will meet a new character. Adam's mother will resurface in the series . A famous actress that the public discovered in “Plus belle la vie” will play this character.

“Tomorrow belongs to us” new character

On February 24, a new face will appear in the “Tomorrow belongs to us” series. The ex-wife of Professor François Lehaut (Emmanuel Moire) will appear .

Soizic Vernet, who is indeed the mother of Adam (Alain Le Bars) will land in the series on TF1 . The latter and the professor separated despite the good years that they spent together.

This new character will settle in Sète to integrate the gynecological service of Saint Clair Hospital. She will replace Samuel (Axel Kiener) who left for new adventures .

Soizic Vernet won't be able to count on Charlie (Clémence Lassalas) to find Lehaut. As a reminder, Charlie Molina is the new girlfriend of her ex-husband. The gynecologist will share the daily life of Victoire Lazzari (Solène Hébert) and William Daunier (Kamel Belghazi).

According to information, Soizic Vernet will play a key role in the lives of Roxane and Bart . Raphaële Volkoff and Hector Langevin respectively play the role of these two characters.

An exchange between two chains

The actress who will interpret this character with a strong character is none other than Charlie Nune . This actress is not new to TV. Those who have followed 'Plus belle la vie' on France 3 will certainly recognize it. Charlie Nune was the one who interpreted Eve Tressere .

This isn't the first time this has happened! Other actors in 'Plus belle la vie' have already joined the cast of “Tomorrow belongs to us” . This is the case of actress Dounia Coesens.

In the program on France 3, she played the role of Johanna Marci , the daughter of François and Blanche Marci. In December 2022, she made her debut on TF1 to play Romy in 'Tomorrow belongs to us'.

In the TF1 program, Romy is the childhood friend of Karim (Samy Gharbi) . As for the character that Charlie Nune will play, it seems that Soizic will not be leaving Sète anytime soon. If her story is just beginning, that of her ex-husband takes a new turn .

“Tomorrow belongs to us” the unpublished revelations

Regarding the plot of the soap opera, fans will see a new facet of Professor François Lehaut . Emmanuel Moire revealed to Télé Star some details about the future of his character. It seems that the continuation of the episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us” will be agitated.

'For the moment, François is a little stirred by this whole story,' he began.

François had always thought that his father had abandoned him to leave with his mistress . The events that happened in the last episodes of the series seem to question everything he believed .

'What he thought was the truth is not, it's very disturbing,' explains Emmanuel Moire.

The teacher who was quite calm is 'in misunderstanding and pain' . François' arc will continue until he discovers the truth about his father, Alain Lehaut. The 43-year-old actor explains that François will be like a new character .

A new François Lehaut

Emmanuel Moire reveals that the story about the father of François will turn his character's life upside down . And this, to the point of having an impact on the way the teacher will interact with loved ones .

'It's so painful for him, a tension that holds him, that at one point he spins. He's going to talk in a way that he's not at all used to Chloe, Charlie, Adam... until he freaks out. »

The arch would have a transformational effect on François Lehaut. Those who follow “Tomorrow belongs to us” every day will have empathy and will feel sadness for this character .

However, this is only the beginning, according to what the singer told Télé Star. The interpreter of the character says that it will go “very far”. The relationships that the French teacher maintains with his close relations are in danger .

'He also puts himself in danger,' says Emmanuel Moire.

In any case, the next episodes of “Tomorrow belongs to us” full of surprises and twists .

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