Tomorrow belongs to us: a new character arrives and it is the son of Catherine Deneuve!

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A new character will soon appear in the series “Tomorrow belongs to us”. He will be played by the son of Catherine Deneuve.

  Tomorrow belongs to us: a new character arrives and c'est le fils de Catherine Deneuve !

TF1 revealed on Wednesday January 25 that a new character will appear in his famous series. This is the father of François Lehaut who has a lot of surprises in store for viewers… To play this role, the son of Catherine Deneuve will join the cast of “Tomorrow belongs to us you”. Find out all the details in this article.

“Tomorrow belongs to us”: a new actor

In recent years, many celebrities and artists of all genres appeared in the famous TF1 series . Among them, we can notably mention Victoria Abril, Catherine Jacob, Emmanuel Moire or Valérie Kaprisky.

Only big names in the show! Moreover, speaking of Emmanuel Moire, his character, François Lehaut, is currently at the center of an intrigue. Especially turned on his childhood.

It is in this context that viewers will meet his parents who went to Sète . If we already know his mother, played by Valérie Kaprisky, we do not know what his father looks like. This is Alain Lehaut.

In the next scenario of 'Tomorrow belongs to us', the latter will arrive in Sète to see his son . From what we know, this long-awaited character will have for interpreter a face which is not at all foreign .

According to a recent announcement from TF1, it is the son of Catherine Deneuve with Roger Vadim who will play this role. Namely, Christian Vadim. You must know that this 59 year old man is a very well known actor as well on stage and on the big screen.

The proof, for example, he played in films such as 'Surprise Party', 'The Nights of the Full Moon' or 'Time Regained'. Moreover, he also appeared on the small screen in 'Research Section' or well 'Nina'.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier in “Tomorrow belongs to us”

Christian Vadim is not the only celebrity to join the cast of 'Tomorrow belongs to us'. As a reminder, a few weeks ago, the magazine Télé-Loisirs announced the arrival of a former child star .

You've probably heard of it before, since this info dates from Friday, January 13 . This is Jean-Baptiste Maunier, revealed in the film 'Les choristes' when he was still a child.

In 'Tomorrow belongs to us', the actor will play the role of an SVT teacher at Agnès Varda high school . Which therefore promises thrilling adventures with the other characters in the series.

Given his experience in the middle, the actor is likely to dazzle the fans. Indeed, before “Tomorrow belongs to us”, we have already seen it in TV movies like “Meurtres à Strasbourg” or “The big restaurant”. He also starred in “Household Scenes”.

Catherine Deneuve sur son fils Christian Vadim

On the occasion of the integration of Christian Vadim in the cast of 'Tomorrow belongs to us', zoom in on his birth . As her mother says, the latter was not the easiest.

It is with Elle magazine that the famous actress, on November 5, 2021, gives himself the time of an exclusive interview . The septuagenarian then began by explaining her desires for children while she was not yet of age .

“I wanted to have a child and I had a feeling it would be difficult. I was very much in love with the father of my son Christian. It was not done at all, at the time, to expect a baby without being married, and moreover I was a minor, ”she recalled.

As a reminder, at that time, Catherine Deneuve was in a relationship with director Roger Vadim who was much older than him. Indeed, they were 16 years apart. But as they say, love has no age.

So, on June 18, 1963, little Christian was born. At that time, Catherine Deneuve was 20 years old. Although she was of age, his parents did not welcome the news with open arms . To say the least.

On the contrary, as Christian's mother explains:

“It was complicated, passionate, violent, a drama in my family. »

Still, as a fighter, Catherine Deneuve overcame all these ordeals with strength and courage . The proof, her situation did not prevent her from making a career. However, she never wanted to bring herself to marry.

It is probably a choice, because even after the birth of his second child, his daughter Chiara, she refused to say 'yes' to Marcello Mastroianni .

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