Toothpaste: Some Can Be Very Harmful To Your Teeth, According To 60 Million Consumers!

modified: 2022-09-12 14:15:02

Toothpastes are essential in everyday life. Only, 60 million consumers tell us to beware!


Brushing your teeth 3 times a day is a requirement of the medical profession . This helps to guarantee our oral health! Apart from being an obligation, we do it to our heart's content, because it's good to keep our teeth clean and healthy. In his interview, toothpaste is a must ! Only, a recent study of 60 million consumers expressed doubts about this product. Why ? We explain to you!

Toothpastes: Some brands are in the crosshairs of a magazine!

On September 8, 60 million consumers just released their new number. This is a news magazine economic well known in France. Many French people follow the news of this magazine!

Usually he talks some products they are looking for and the price on the market . Sometimes they help shoppers find the right items to buy or the wrong ones to avoid. This time, the editors of this book alert the public on toothpaste!

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Indeed, number 215 of review filed a charge against the manufacturers of these. On what subject ? Apparently, a component of these toothpastes is dangerous for our health. This is why you have to be very careful when using them!

Should we no longer use these products for washing our teeth? Nope ! The best thing to do is to take precautions in buying this tube. It is to highlight that only 12 brands were compromised in this study !

What's wrong with these toothbrushing pastes?

First of all, you should know that 60 million consumers do not point the finger without proof. She is the health-environment campaign manager at the d’ Acting for the environment who leaked the information to them. Her name is Magali Ringoot!

According to the latter, her institution would have analyzed 12 kinds of toothpaste in 2019. The results of these samples allowed them to open their eyes to the situation . As long as citizen responsible, she thought she had a duty to share it with the public!

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A publication shared by 60 million consumers (@60millionsdeconsommateurs)

According to Magali Ringoot, the toothpastes they tested would contain a substance harmful to our body . It is titanium dioxide or TiO2! Apparently, the state prohibits the use of this chemical mixture in the manufacture of products.

Only, the message may have gone wrong! It should be noted that the industrial use it to give a white texture to this gel. Why is titanium dioxide dangerous? It has been found that its use can cause lesions precancerous colorectals. Among other things, you could be the target of cancer!

Toothpastes: Choose your tube of gel well for brushing your teeth!

We know that inflation is raging right now in France. To do your shopping, you have to be resourceful to save your purchasing power .

Chances are you will succumb to toothpastes with a discount. However, take the time to read the labels carefully. of the product !

It is crucial that you are aware of all components of these toothpastes. This is all about picking the right one! Among others, one that does not contain titanium dioxide .

Instead, look for those that are high in fluoride. In this way, you keep your teeth healthy and avoid nasty inconvenience !