TotalEnergies: the DGCCRF sanction has fallen for the group

modified: 2023-01-09 16:35:02

In recent months, the superprofits generated by TotalEnergies have divided opinion. But the company has just received a harsh sanction.

  TotalEnergies: the DGCCRF sanction has fallen for the group

In France, consumers can count on the DGCCRF to identify fraud committed by certain companies. In this case, TotalEnergies has just been fined 198,000 euros. Unfortunately for the energy supplier , the punishment does not stop there. Thus, for the time being, he will have to display a red banner on the pages of his website. The goal? Allow as many people as possible to know the administrative decision affecting TotalEnergies . Indeed, the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations in Paris has noted several shortcomings. And the news risks weighing on the reputation of the company.

TotalEnergies: cold calling and abusive selling

The reason for this penalty? Anomalies noted by the DGCCRF . According to her, the company would have violated several texts, from the Consumer Code. This includes : failure to inform customers about services billed in addition , or failure to respect the withdrawal period to which they are entitled.

For the DGCCRF , TotalEnergies did not take the time to collect the express consent of its subscribers . We can therefore suspect a desire to keep customers in a certain ignorance. In this way, some consumers had to pay more than what their contract stipulated. Also, for good measure, the company's sanction is not limited to a fine .

A red band impossible to miss

take in account the record profits recorded by TotalEnergies , a fine of 198,000 euros is very little. Also, the company had to face a rather unprecedented sanction. Thus, it must now wear a bright red banner, detailing all the offenses committed against customers.

  • has not obtained the express consent of its customers before additional invoicing for a service not provided for in the contract.
  • did not collect the express consent of its customers before expiry of the withdrawal period in the case of immediate implementation of the energy supply.
  • did not send confirmation of the offer made to its customers following telephone canvassing.
  • has not followed up on the implementation of the right of withdrawal exercised by some of its customers.
  • failed to verbally inform some of its clients, including contact details have been collected , and who were the subject of a telephone canvassing, of the option they had to request their registration on the list of opposition to telephone canvassing.
  • failed to ensure, before the start of performance of the contract, that it was signed by the canvassed customers. »

This system thus obliges TotalEnergies to admit mistakes in the public square . This red band will not fail to evoke the pillory, used during the Middle Ages to inflict shame on condemned persons. For the time being, the company has not yet reacted to this decision of the DGCCRF . On its official website, no press release has yet been published on the subject. Nevertheless, it seems obvious that this banner is not going to make a good advertisement . The energy supplier will therefore have to review some of its habits vis-à-vis consumers.

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