Toxic relationship: some signs in your couple are not wrong

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Have you ever wondered if you're in a toxic relationship? Here are some signs to find out.

  Toxic relationship: some signs in your couple are not wrong

Everyone needs love. One of the greatest quests on this planet is to find your soul mate . Despite its name, love can harm you, when toxic . The famous artist Dadju made it a title of his song: 'Toxic Love'. A totally normal person can be harmful once in a relationship . What makes a relationship toxic? Are you in a toxic relationship? If yes, how to know if it is you or your partner who is harmful ? Is it curable? All these questions, we answer you in the rest of this article.

What is a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship is the opposite of a benign relationship. That is to say the opposite of a love in which each of the spouses flourishes while being welded. A relationship is harmful when one of the couples is very dependent on the other .

Your mood or feeling changes based on your interaction with your partner. This is one of the signs that you are emotionally dependent. The latter proves that your relationship is toxic. The news site Femme Actuelle, published on January 17, 2023, gave an illustration of harmful love.

“Love becomes toxic when it brings more negative emotions than positive”.

The lack of stability too, is a sign that proves that you are in a toxic relationship . This is characterized by a sudden change in temperament. You feel good one day and for no good reason very badly afterwards .

Who is toxic in your relationship?

At the beginning of a relationship, everything is fine, as the saying goes, “everything is rosy”. It's after some time that problems arise . If one couple is toxic, the whole relationship becomes toxic. Even worse, the toxicity of one contaminates the other . You are probably wondering if it is you or your partner who is toxic.

The Femme Actuelle information site has prepared a few questions to find out if you are toxic for your spouse or the other way around. Here is the questions you need to ask yourself .

  • Did you put your partner at the center of your life at the beginning of your relationship ?
  • Does your mood change based on interactions with your spouse?
  • Would you like to know his every move?
  • When you do an activity, are you totally in the moment ?
  • Do you want to change some facets of his personality?
  • Do you have hobbies, passions that you exercise alone ?

If you answer affirmatively to most of these questions, it means that you are making your couple a toxic relationship. That proves that you have an emotional dependency problem towards your partner. Is it a disease? If so, is it curable?

Comment s'en sortir ?

It is true that in a toxic relationship, it's hard to live happily in the long run . However, it is difficult to classify this phenomenon as a disease. It is quite possible that the person who makes their relationship toxic be quite a normal person . It is only once in a relationship that he or she becomes toxic for the other. If you consider yourself harmful to your relationship, what should you do ?

Already, a person who is toxic in a couple may not be in another relationship . Rather, it leads to thinking that if a relationship is toxic, the two are not compatible . This assumes that, if you are in a toxic relationship, the first solution is to break up.

Think again, love is not so mathematical. The separation is not the first solution . If the toxicity of your couple comes from you, you can work on your emotions and make your relationship stable. Once detected, every problem has a solution .

So, to solve a toxic relationship problem, you can consult a shrink . Doing couples therapy can help you understand your situation and that of your partner.

Well, this problem is quite difficult to detect. Toxicity can come from both male and female . If you are choking in your relationship, check to see if you or your partner is toxic. It is only when the problem is detected that you can find a solution together .

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