TPMP: “764 euros in retirement” the overwhelming testimony of this woman “I am already overdrawn”

modified: 2023-01-16 17:10:02

On January 11, 2023, in TPMP, a retired woman testified that she is forced to work to supplement her low pension.

  TPMP: “764 euros in retirement” the overwhelming testimony of this woman “I am already overdrawn”

With inflation and purchasing power which is so low, some French people, if not all, can't make ends meet . Those with a modest income, such as seniors, can no longer pay their bills . There are even those who are forced to work despite their age to meet their needs. This is the case of this retiree who came to testify on the set of TPMP .

TPMP: “I have already discovered the 12th of the month”

TPMP, the program broadcast on C8 shed light on a social issue who is currently talking about him: the pension system and its next reform . On the set, Jeanine, 67, had come to talk about her situation . According to his words, she has been working since the age of sixteen .

Upon his retirement, she receives only a meager pension . How many do you think? Faced with Cyril Hanouna and his columnists, the sexagenarian said:

“I have 764 euros in basic pension and 67 euros for my six additional children”

So Jeanine, after working for half a century, cannot make do with his modest monthly income .

' I do not have a choice. I am already discovered on the 12th of the month, ”she said.

Between inflation, which affects all sectors, and the lack of supply linked to the current situation which generates price hikes for food as for gasoline, receive less than 800 euros per month of retirement forces sexagenarians like Jeanine to work .

TPMP: Thierry's testimony

The second guest of Cyril Hanouna in TPMP is also still active despite being 65 years old . Baker, he calculated that he would receive 938 euros gross per month by retiring at seventy-one. That man started working when he was a teenager , at fourteen.

“Part of our retirement was the sale of our business. But now who will blame our goodwill? “Testified Thierry.

The guest of TPMP then continued saying :

“It is more salable, the banks ask for the electricity contracts otherwise they do not take the file. So where are we going to sell our business? »

The words of Thierry and Jeanine made people react . On Twitter, we can read:

“Ashamed… it’s so not normal” or even “Difficult to motivate our young people to work with this perspective!!! »

Celebrities, affected by the same problem

You should know that this problem quoted on the set of TPMP does not only affect individuals. Celebrities also face the difficulties of retirement . For the magazine Nous Deux, Anny Duperey takes stock. Aged 75 and herself retired, the actress does not hesitate to say what she thinks of the actions put in place by the government.

'My pension is not high and again, I'm not complaining. But I'm very lucky, because I can't imagine myself stopping,' she said.

Unlike eanie who had come to TPMP, the actress indeed seems to have confessed to having found a balance between her life as an actress and her role as a grandmother . But, although satisfied with her personal situation, she does not hesitate to speak out against the suspension by the executive of 15,000 unvaccinated Covid-19 caregivers .

“I have been talked about a lot because of my anger against the government, which does not want to reinstate unvaccinated caregivers. We're the only ones who haven't done it, it's a shame! “, she said.

A hyperactive retiree

Like Cyril Hanouna's guests in TPMP, Anny Duperey has only one goal, send a message to his fellow citizens .

“I think all this distilled fear is a way of keeping people on their toes that robs them of their freedom to think. Wake up ! »

After this stunt, Anny Duperey talked about her own daily life as a retiree . An active daily life since the actress is convinced that it is important to continue for health. According to her, even if we get older, something has to be done ' .

'When you've worked a lot and you stop, there's a real imbalance of body and mind that has consequences,' she said.

When it comes to finding things to do, Anny Duperey does not lack ideas .

“There are writing and drawing workshops. And then there is volunteering! There is so much to do, misery is galloping. Approaching associations and taking care of others can give a lot of joy. But I recognize that my job helps me enormously. If only for the obligation to be presentable, it is an incredible spine, ”she concluded.

Source : Mariefrance