TPMP: Géraldine Maillet tackles Cyril Hanouna after a debate on Didier Deschamps

modified: 2023-01-13 10:06:03

In TPMP, Géraldine Maillet ended up putting Cyril Hanouna in his place with a very dry reflection.

  TPMP: Géraldine Maillet tackles Cyril Hanouna after a debate on Didier Deschamps

Recently, the president of the French Football Federation made remarks that caused a good reaction. Indeed, while the rumor that the player Zinédine Zidane could become a coach in Brazil seemed to create tensions . But the inappropriate words of the president of the FFF quickly made many people react, such as Kylian Mbappé, the Minister of Sports and even the President of the Republic. So inevitably, this subject could be treated on the set of TPMP. But again, tensions arose. We'll explaine everything here.

The words of Noël Le Graët

If on the set of TPMP, current topics are treated, this remains undoubtedly the case of the opposition of the president of the FFF and the former player Zinédine Zidane. It turns out that on January 8, the president of the FFF was able to go to the program Bartoli Time on RMC. There, many questions and exchanges took place. But when the subject of Zinedine Zidane came up, things seemed to escalate .

And that remains the whole point of TPMP to deal with this kind of slippage. It turns out that Noël Le Graët went off the road in his remarks by denigrating Zinedine Zidane. However, everyone seemed to hope that he would one day take the place of Didier Deschamps in 2026. But the president of the FFF told him “ If Zidane tried to reach me? Certainly not, I wouldn't have even picked it up on the phone . To tell him to look for another club? Make him a special program so that he finds a club or a selection.

Words therefore dry, but also disrespectful. So of course, this did not remain without consequence. Kylian Mbappé, the first decided to react to this by tweeting “ Zidane is France, we don't disrespect the legend like that... ”. Even the Minister of Sports wanted to react, regretting this kind of slippage. While declaring that even the President remained disappointed with this kind of action. And it was able to get processed in TPMP.

TPMP processes the news

But whereas on Monday evening, after these remarks, Cyril Hanouna wanted to deal with this subject on TPMP, he did not expect to create such tensions with Géraldine Maillet, his columnist. Indeed, although the latter does not agree with the words of the president of the FFF, it seems to target Didier Deschamps. She criticizes the silence of the latter who does not seem to take part in this affair . But this way of pointing the finger at the coach clearly does not have more to the facilitator.

In TPMP, we therefore see Cyril Hanouna respond “ No, but she has a problem with Didier Deschamps. You will get me someone who has a bigger track record than Didier Deschamps in France ”. But while Geraldine Maillet tried to defend herself, the host did not want to let her speak. Obviously, we must not touch Didier Deschamps. The host even tells him “ You always find things about Didier Deschamps surprising, because you don't like him ”.

But from there, the situation escalates on TPMP. Indeed, the host points to the companion of the columnist Daniel Riolo. “ Daniel doesn't like him very much ”. And that very quickly annoyed the columnist. “ And then, what is the relationship with my husband? It's a bit sexist , I can think independently of my husband ”. To which the host responds “ When you come home in the evening after your husband who fucked him up for 9 minutes on RMC, what do you say? ”. But for her, it was one sentence too many. So she decides to crop Cyril Hanouna “ I am not the spokesperson, first of all it's my private life , this is what happens to me, that's none of your business ! ”. Good atmosphere…

Noël Le Graët, forced withdrawal

Since this filming of TPMP, things have seemed to evolve within the French Football Federation. The president, Noël Le Graët suffered consequences for his remarks. It must be said that the latter remained very controversial. Many women have already been able to point the finger at abusive behavior on the part of this president. But after his remarks, the executive committee of the FFF had to meet urgently. The sanction remains a withdrawal on the part of the current president . Instead, we will find Philippe Diallo , to take over until the publication of the audit.

Source : Pure People , RMC Sport