TPMP: Joy Hallyday taken aback in TPMP because of her 'vulgarity'

modified: 2023-02-02 16:04:02

A new heated debate on the set of TPMP. This time, the one who was at the center of attention was Joy Hallyday. The details.

  TPMP: Joy Hallyday taken aback in TPMP because of her 'vulgarity'

Joy Hallyday is no longer to be presented. From the height of her 14 years, Joy is very active on social media , especially on TikTok and Instagram. Between sensual photos and sexy dances, Jade's little sister is far from achieve unanimity among Internet users . Accumulating more than 38,000 followers on TikTok and 19,000 on Instagram, the young Joy has taken the habit of posting content deemed rather daring given his young age . And the TPMP program, presented by Cyril Hanouna, returned to these publications this Monday, January 30, fueling a lively debate on the set .

TPMP: Kelly Vedovelli, no filter

These are comments that should not please Laeticia Hallyday . Monday January 30, 2023, on the TPMP set, Cyril Hanouna launched a debate on the content of Joy Hallyday's TikTok account.

The 14-year-old girl regularly creates controversy by sharing very sexy and languorous videos of her . For Kelly Vedovelli , the behavior of Jade Hallyday's little sister is totally inappropriate . She thus said against him:

“To me, this is the height of vulgarity. So we are going to say, 'yes but Kelly, this, Kelly, that', Kelly she is 32 years old, the little one is 14 years old. Me at 14, go get pictures of me like that at 14, there are none. So for me, it's super vulgar with his tongue, his mouth, his tits. I find it extremely physical and psychological violence, it's not going well at all. »

If a few people around the table agreed with Kelly Vedovelli , this was not the case with Raymond Aabou.

'I don't agree with Kelly, the parents have to watch, and all the more so when it's Johnny Hallyday's daughter. The mother, Laeticia, she must say 'you are not just anyone, be careful you are going to be decried. It's another generation, we didn't have that, ”he explained.

TPMP: heated debates

Kelly Vedovelli, TPMP columnist, was not convinced by the words of Raymond Aabou . She launched more beautiful by saying:

' So what ? Because it's the new generation, do we have the right to be 'te-pu'? No but stop, you are delirious!

Internet users, scandalized by the exaggerated remarks of the columnist, expressed their anger on Twitter :

'I don't know what is more shocking between the videos of Joy Hallyday and Kelly Vedovelli who says of a 14-year-old teenager live on TV that she is 'doing the shit''

The sequence of the TPMP show also reaches the ears of the main interested party . Laeticia Hallyday's daughter, Joy responded to Kelly Vedovelli's harsh remarks on her TikTok account. She appears in sportswear and takes many poses , then write:

'Is that still too vulgar for you, Kelly?' »

Joy, much criticized on social networks

The Hallyday family is not spared by the remarks and social media reviews . Apart from Jade, Joy is also the target of Internet users. This time, it's for her Halloween outfit that the girl had the misfortune to be criticized .

Aged 14, Jade's sister decided to post her Halloween outfit , a bunny outfit that caused a lot of reaction from Internet users. Among the comments are:

'This outfit is a bit short anyway', 'It's daring for the age', 'What shocks are the positions for her age. Far from being innocent. Where is the education. His father wouldn't be proud if he saw that. »

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Johnny Hallyday's adopted daughter retaliates by responding to his haters . She published a series of stories to respond to her detractors. She states:

'Again, I don't really give a fuck what you say about me. Please stop talking shit about my family, thank you. Mind your own business. »

Joy Hallyday went even further by replying to a comment on his photo . A user wrote to him:

“You copy your sister in vulgarity”

The response of the main interested party was cash:

“Oh shut up”

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