TPMP: Matthieu Delormeau atomizes a former columnist, Ayem Nour silenced

modified: 2022-09-26 19:34:02

In TPMP, columnist Matthieu Delormeau continually targets Ayem Nour! The former debater on C8 can no longer find the words to say!

  Matthew Delormeau

Matthieu Delormeau is renowned for his direct affirmation in front of the TPMP camera! On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the columnist continuously criticized a former debater on the program. Ayem Nour, the popular young influencer has become the center of discussion on the set of this show. We reveal everything to you!

Matthieu Delormeau: A columnist with character!

Matthieu Delormeau is often active on set of Touche Pas à Mon Poste. Moreover, the current columnist of programme asserts itself more about its personality on the screen. The question arises: How does he pitch his point of view to his teammates?

The chronicle commentator is also a outspoken character ! At the head of the list, Matthieu Delormeau is one of the most susceptible columnists to the debates presented on a daily basis.

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As always, the TPMP TV program is one of the shows daily the most followed by the French. Since the start of this new school year, the columnist with an emblematic personality has always launched irreversible points of view .

Among other things, his way of evoking the subject marks a point of appreciation to whoever animates the set. Cyril Hanouna is therefore the first ally who has been able to guarantee his talent as a columnist. Indeed, he remains the favorite debater of the general public.

He targets all public figures including Camilla!

Matthieu Delormeau is back with his loyal TPMP teammates. A new day that has announced itself well on the set on September 24, 2022! Like every day, the columnist takes it out on all everyday topics .

Finally, the latter favored the talk show with Elsa Esnoult and Indra . These new guests are therefore the first who have noticed that the flawless humor of Matthieu Delormeau was part of his professional life in TPMP.

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On the C8 channel, the famous debater advanced a review back to Camilla. The week before, his verbal attack is based only on his eating habits. It seems that his statement has therefore become the most viral during this daily debate.

Camilla's case aside, the outspoken columnist keeps going back to topic re the legacy of queen elizabeth he . Among others, the latter is accompanied by the entire team of Cyril Hanouna.

Matthieu Delormeau: Ayem Nour has become his new target on the set of TPMP!

A proper analysis regarding the public and private life international figures was the subject presented by Cyril Hanouna. Otherwise, the columnist Matthieu Delormeau quickly launched his controversial opinion in front of the general public of TPMP. Surrounded by Indra and Bertrand Deckers, the famous debater is more at ease in political discussion.

Magali Berdah was therefore the first person to whom he launched waves of criticism. Indeed, the remarks are linked to a difference of opinion.

Ayem Nour was also in the counter camp by Matthieu Delormeau! By intervening in her point of view, she affirmed her idea concerning an opposition to the affirmation by Dr Gerald Franchi.

On the other hand, the candidate of Secret Story has not received the slightest consideration towards the ally of Cyril Hanouna. Hence, the latter stood aside from the hearing of Matthieu Delormeau. Thereafter, discover the next episodes on C8 every Saturday at 7:10 p.m.!