TPMP: the new columnist, Camille Fishbach is unanimous on Instagram, she is very followed!

modified: 2022-09-21 17:56:07

This year, the new TPMP season got off to a flying start. Besides, the team will welcome new faces.


The show Do not touch My TV started on April 1, 2010. Presented by Cyril Hanouna, the program was created on France 4, before migrating to C8 in 2012. Since then, many personalities have worked as columnists on the tray. Thereby, Capucine Anav and Enora Malagré were part of the era in their time. But this week, a new 18-year-old columnist will join the TPMP team . And the beauty leaves no one indifferent…

Cyril Hanouna renews the columnists for this new season of TPMP

After a summer break, the show therefore made a back to school shattering. On the set of TPMP , the moments of clashes and emotions never ceased to surprise the public.

The star presenter of the show also promised new things, within the team.
. “There are all the columnists who are here today. Finally, there are a few missing that you will soon find during the week. And then, you will discover in a few moments, two new faces that will integrate TPMP '

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This summer, many personalities tried to join the cast of TPMP . Thus, Julie Raynaud, Léna Guillou, or even Nino Arial tried to integrate the team. But ultimately, the tests retained two young women. This is the actress Sally Sanogo and and influencer Camille Fischbach . Originally from Belgium, the latter is only 18 years old. But she is already talking a lot about her.

Camille Fishbach, already very popular on social networks

The pretty Belgian has already a little notoriety online . On Instagram, Camille Fishbach is used to posting very pretty photos. So the beautiful blonde already has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram. The boss of TPMP even compared her to the singer Angèle.

However, Camille Fishbach works mainly on fashion, displaying sharp and stylish looks. At his age, his arrival among the columnists of TPMP arouses lots of comments .

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And for good reason ! In the past, the young influencer said she never looked television . For many, it therefore loses credibility. Indeed, TPMP aims primarily to comment programs broadcast on the small screen .

Following these criticisms , the beauty has still not been seen on the set of TPMP. Should there be a link? Is it just a coincidence ? For her part, Camille Fishbach remains very active on social networks. On her publications, she seems brighter than ever .

With its atypical profile, the young lady will undoubtedly wear a fresh look at the topics discussed in TPMP . Because if her age can surprise, she can also represent the young generation. Indeed, as Camille Fishbach , many teenagers are abandoning television for social networks.

In the next weeks, columnists and the public discover the talents of two new chroniclers . So let's hope that the beauty will be as comfortable on TP as on Instagram. For its subscribers in any case, the success of the beauty is beyond doubt ! So, let's wish him good luck in the ruthless and joyful world of TPMP.