TPMP: the shocking testimony of a guest on the situation of his mother in an EPADH

modified: 2023-01-27 22:03:02

In TPMP, a guest spoke to reveal the abuses that take place in nursing homes. His testimony greatly moved the audience.

  TPMP: the shocking testimony of'un invité sur la situation de sa mère dans un EPADH

Since a few months, the subject of abuse in EHPADs , emerges in the public debut. It all started a few months ago, with the publication of a book by journalist Victor Castanet. In The gravediggers , we discover, over the pages, the horrible failures of which our elders are victims . This work had a resounding impact, especially on establishments of the Orpéa group , cited in this survey. Almost a year later, Cyril Hanouna decided to broach the subject, by inviting Bernard to TPMP . The man revealed the sad reality, experienced by his mother, placed in an EHPAD…

Abuse and mistreatment at high cost

Indeed, EHPADs are often very expensive for the family or the people being cared for. But behind the quality of care can still leave something to be desired. Thereby, Bernard's testimony, in TPMP , terrified the chroniclers as well as the public. While he pays 3,500 euros per month to the establishment, the way in which we take 'care' of his mother revolts him. As soon as he arrived in this retirement home, we put the old lady in a wheelchair . At the time, however, she had no illness affecting her mobility.

Bernard denounces sloppy treatment, where the staff has only one objective: do not waste time . Thus, he explains that his mother, Marie-Louis, finds herself wearing diapers day and night. According to the guest who spoke in TPMP, she would also suffer of the wickedness and negligence . » She's already sprained her ankle while she is in a wheelchair. (…) Once, my little sister realized that her hair was stuck together with blood because she had a wound on the back of her skull. They didn't take him to the emergency room. »

TPMP: Internet users moved

After his revelations, Bernard received an outpouring of support on the Web. Indeed, this subject remains revolting for most Internet users. « The testimony of Bernard for his mom makes my blood run cold. Poor lady, that's not normal.' , « Shameful what is happening in the EHPAD! My mum was walking a week later, she was in a wheelchair! » We can say that the public of TPMP appreciated a lot the subject addressed by Cyril Hanouna , this Wednesday evening.

Remember that the case of abuse in nursing homes is already the subject of poursuites en justice . One of the lawyers most committed to this cause is none other than the very media-savvy, Sarah Saldmann. Accustomed to TV sets, via TPMP at RMC , she is currently taking collective action to defend victims in nursing homes. Moreover, this January 25, she was able to meet the Minister of Solidarity . An exchange that she immediately relayed on Twitter. « I was received by the Minister @JCCOMBE , whom I thank, in order to discuss the shortcomings in nursing homes. Just like me, he works for things to change. »

For his part, the journalist Victor Castanet, has makes shocking revelations about TPMP . According to him, the show revealed a biased poll. Indeed, the public had to answer the following question. “Do you think that the accusations concerning EHPADs are unfounded? According to the results released, nearly 72% of respondents answered 'Yes'. For the author of Gravediggers, it is an odious manipulation , set up by Orpéa, to save the company’s image. He believes that TPMP has some responsibility for this false information. Besides, he always refused The invitations of Cyril Hanouna .

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