Travel: what aid can you claim to get to work?

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No matter what situation you find yourself in, there are supports for your home-to-work journeys. We tell you everything.

  Travel: what aid can you claim to get to work?

In this period of inflation where prices at the pump are soaring, having a little help is not a refusal . Imagine that all those who exercise a professional activity can claim several financial aids. These devices will allow you to finance your home-to-work journeys . To learn more, discover all the details in this article.

The fuel allowance

The fuel allowance is a device that the government has put in place in order to preserve the purchasing power of the French. In concrete terms, this bonus of 100 euros will help you finance your home-work journeys. However, to claim it, certain conditions must be met .

Here are the main elements that must be deducted from the indemnity :

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  • You must use your personal vehicle either to make the home-to-work journey either in the exercise of your professional activity .
  • Your reference tax income per unit must not exceed 14,700 euros. It should be noted that the RFR taken into account is that of 2022 on the income of 2021.
  • The amount of the fuel allowance is 100 euros per eligible person . This amounts to more than 10 cents of savings per liter of fuel for a person who travels around 12,000 km per year.
  • You can simulate your rights on the Internet by going to the dedicated simulator .

Note that unlike other government aid, you must apply for the fuel allowance . Indeed, its payment is not automatic. You have until March 31 to apply.

Reimbursement for home-work journey (private)

Do you work in the private sector? In this case, your employer must cover part of your travel expenses s home-work. On the sole condition that you use public transport.

This assistance is in the form of reimbursement. To benefit from it, you must subscribe to a subscription . It doesn't matter if the latter is weekly, monthly or yearly .

However, if you use your personal vehicle to get to your place of work , reimbursement is not mandatory. Thus, the employer's participation to help you financially becomes optional.

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In addition, here are other possibilities:

  • Commuting by bicycle (classic or electric): by doing so, you can optionally receive the bicycle mileage allowance (IKV).
  • Commuting home to work with an electric, rechargeable hybrid or hydrogen vehicle: you can benefit from the Sustainable Mobility Package.

Home-work expenses (public)

Like private sector employees, civil servants can also claim aid related to home-to-work journeys . And it is the employer who bears the transport costs of his employees.

How does it work ? If you take public transport to get to work, your employer will cover 50% the cost of the subscription. This concerns in particular public transport or subscriptions to a public bike rental service .

On the other hand, if you use a personal vehicle, as a civil servant, you have the possibility of having access to the Sustainable Mobility Package . As for the latter, we will talk about it in the next lines.

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The Sustainable Mobility Package

What is the Sustainable Mobility Package? This is an aid that aims to encourage active people to take green transport to get to work. Namely, bicycles, electric vehicles, etc.

In force since 2020, the system applies to both civil servants and employees. With this help, you can save up to 800 euros per year for expenses related to home-work journeys .

It should be noted, however, that the Sustainable Mobility Package is optional. So, some employers don't offer it .

Carpooling to make your journeys

To deal with the current energy crisis, the French government invites everyone to carpool . Moreover, in order to encourage citizens to make their journeys by carpooling , the state provides financial assistance.

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In the case of new drivers, i.e. those who embarked for the first time on carpooling in 2023 , they will be eligible for two bonuses. The amount can reach 200 euros per year.

Mobility titles

Modality vouchers work on the same model as restaurant tickets. They were created in 2022 as part of the Sustainable Mobility Package. In concrete terms, mobility vouchers allow employees to pay certain costs related to commuting .

You can use mobility securities to finance:

  • The sale of electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids or hydrogen
  • Insurance
  • The purchase of transport tickets
  • The parking
  • Fuel
  • Les covoiturage services
  • Etc.

Source : Welfare

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