Attempt the Men’s Health 20-Minute Metcon Lower Body Sample Workout

All-Out 20-Minute Metcon, the very first exercise program from Men’s Health Next Top Trainer champ Jah Washington, is created to assist you burn calories, construct muscle, and enhance your endurance anytime, anywhere, in simply 20 minutes a day, with definitely no devices. It’s offered on the All Out Studio app.

Bodyweight exercises are among the most available methods to work out. You can handle a session in any setting without fretting about devices, you can move rapidly from one set to the next, and you can be innovative without restraints.

One of the simplest methods to train without equipment is to concentrate on your lower body. Unlike sessions that utilize heavy weights to hire the greatest muscles in your body to make the larger and more powerful, a bodyweight leg day is all about stacking up volume and carrying out quality reps. You’ll desire to challenge your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and more by blending in various airplanes of motion and keeping the strength high.

Jah Washington, the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer winner, utilizes this design of training in his brand-new program with All Out Studio,20-Minute Metcon The bodyweight-only exercises are created to press you, blending in high-energy procedures and strength-building motions ensured to get you sweating.

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Men’s Health

Here, Washington shows a complete day of training utilizing the 20-Minute Metcon program. The lower body exercise utilizes squats, lunges, and plyometrics to enhance your strength and conditioning. For each of the 3 blocks, you’ll utilize the every minute on the minute (EMOM) procedure– carry out the proposed variety of representatives at the start of each minute, then rest for the rest of the duration. When in doubt, simply follow Jah.

The 20-Minute Metcon Lower Body Workout


  • Hamstring Walkout to Spiderman Lunge with T-Spine

    60 seconds – alternate T-Spine rotations side to side you’ve reached the walkout position.

    Block 1

    Perform 8 rounds of 8 representatives of each workout every minute on the minute.

    • Pulse Squat
    • Squat
    • 3/4 Squat Jump

      Block 2

      Perform 6 rounds of 6 representatives of each workout every minute on the minute.

      • Reverse Lunge
      • Side Lunge
      • High Knees
      • Seal Jacks

        Block 3

        Perform 4 rounds of 4 representatives of each workout every minute on the minute.

        • Split Plyo Steps (Right)
        • Split Plyo Steps (Left)
        • Split Jumps
        • Drop Squat

          Men’s Health

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          Want more bodyweight exercises and workouts from Washington? You’ll need to check out the full 20-Minute Metcon program, only on All Out Studio.

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