Tumble dryer: how to reuse used water?

modified: 2023-02-03 18:38:02

Did you know that you can use the water from the dryer for several reasons? Find out what you can do with it.

  Tumble dryer: how to reuse used water?

Many use the dryer to save time in household chores . The device speeds up the step from washing to ironing. It limits the humidity of laundry drying in your home. If you use it regularly, it's time to increase your profitability . These are tricks that work with the condensing model. The water you will collect is a special liquid that you won't want to throw away after reading this article. Here is why and how to save money with the water in your dryer .

Why use water from the dryer?

The water from the dryer is not to be thrown away. When the device is on, the recovered water will lose its original mineral charge . It is a phenomenon that occurs during the evaporation and then the condensation of water.

You then obtain demineralized water, a product purchased in store . Condensate from your dryer is the solution to save more money and limit waste.

The fact that it comes from the steam emitted by the machine is a big positive . The condensed water is still usable.

It is also water that no longer contains limestone . It will allow you to carry out household chores without leaving traces of tartar, but not only.

What do you need to know before using the water from your dryer?

To take advantage of this recovered water, please remove it from your bin . Then pour it into another container or just a bottle of water.

Above all, know that this water is not to be drunk. Strictly speaking, demineralized water is not dangerous to your health. On the other hand, it is possible that this water from the dryer may still contain traces of detergent residue and textile fibers . This is why you should not consume it.

That said, before you use it, please filter it first with a gas or a coffee filter to remove excess chemicals. After that, you are free to use it for many reasons .

Here's how to reuse water from the dryer

It is a pity to throw away this demineralized water from your dryer . Here are 8 different ways to use it.

For ironing your steam iron

This demineralized water can prevent limescale deposits that too often clog your iron to redo. You will also avoid white marks and brown colors on your laundry.

To water your green plants

Plants need minerals. But demineralized water can be very suitable if you alternate with more mineralized water . Water it especially on plants sensitive to limestone or which show signs of saturation with mineral salts.

Cacti and succulents prefer demineralised water . But you can always spray it on the leaves of your green plant to rehydrate it.

To fill your toilet

Water from your dryer can also fill your toilet . You just have to set it aside to pour it into the toilet bowl.

For more savings, you can also reserve the shower water for the same use. Just wait for it to cool down a bit. You can very well recycle 5 to 10 liters of water .

To clean the house

That water from your dryer is perfect for cleaning tiles . It does not leave traces of limestone. It is excellent for washing your shower cubicle, windows and mirrors. Rub the remaining with a soft microfiber cloth. You will see, your glass surfaces will look like new .

To concoct homemade cleaning products

This water from the dryer can also be used in recipes for household products. If you want to try homemade cleaning products that require water, use them.

To steam straighten your hair

Demineralized water is mainly used to fill a steam straightener. You can add a little tap water . She will increase the life of your device .

To wash your animals

This water can be used for rinse out shampoo when grooming of your pet. It will even make their hair shine.

To wash your vehicle

It takes a fair amount of water to wash your vehicle. But if you start putting it aside for this cleaning , you will save a lot of water. Dry the rest with a microfiber cloth or chamois leather for a shiny finish .

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