Unemployment benefits: cases where it will still be possible to refuse a job offer after the reform

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With the end of unemployment benefits, it will be more difficult to refuse a job. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

  Unemployment benefits: cases where it will still be possible to refuse a job offer after the reform

The recent reform of the law governing unemployment insurance will making unemployment benefits more difficult to access . To refresh your memory, the bill was definitively adopted by Parliament on November 17th.

Consequently, the newly unemployed will find it more difficult to refuse a job. Besides, there are other changes that might make you cringe. In this article, we will focus on 6 cases where an unemployed person has the right to refuse a job.

The end of unemployment benefits

On November 17, 2022, Parliament adopted the unemployment insurance reform. The biggest change the bill brings is the end of unemployment benefits. At least, in the event of abandonment of post and refused twice in the last 12 months .

The position in question may be that of an employee on a permanent contract, on a fixed-term contract or that of a temporary worker . Note, however, that there are safeguards. And it is precisely in the second case that they find themselves.

Indeed, an employee will be able to benefit from his unemployment benefit if he has refused permanent contracts aimed at “occupying the same or a similar job , without changing the place of work”. What about employees on fixed-term contracts?

The latter are forced to accept a permanent contract if the position provides for “ at least equivalent remuneration for equivalent hours of work. Of course, in case of refusal, you can make a cross on unemployment benefits.

It should be noted that it is the employer who will be responsible for informing Pôle Emploi of any refusal of a permanent contract. Again, there is a second protection. Clearly, you can refuse a position if it does not correspond to a “personalized job access project” .

This necessarily implies “reasonable job offers”. As you will have understood, to refuse a job without losing unemployment benefits, you must fill a certain number of criteria . Here are 6 cases where you can do it.

unemployment benefits: 6 cases where an unemployed person can refuse a job

If you meet these criteria, you can refuse a job without it making you lose your unemployment benefits .

The level of qualification

Refusing a job offer for the level of qualification will not cause you to lose your unemployment benefits. Which seems logical. In fact, you shouldn't take the risk of applying for a position whose level of qualification is higher or lower than your level of study. This is beneficial neither to you nor to the employer.

family reasons

You have every right to refuse a job offer for family reasons. If applicable, you keep your unemployment benefits . In fact, Pôle Emploi takes into account the personal and family situation of the job seeker when processing the latter's file.

The situation of the local labor market

Refusing a job offer depending on the local labor market situation is possible. If you do, you do not lose your benefits unemployment . We all know the existence so-called “under pressure” professions . This is why the tensions on the local labor market are taken into account when processing each case.

Unemployment benefits: Its characteristics

If the characteristics of a job do not suit you, you can refuse it without removing your unemployment benefits. By 'characteristics', we mean the nature and type of contract. CDI, CDD, full-time or part-time, etc. All this must be taken into account when processing the job seeker's file.

Its geographical location

It goes without saying that if the geographical location does not suit you, you can refuse a job offer. And this without fear the cancellation of your unemployment benefits . For this, the job seeker must define in advance a number of kilometers around which he is mobile. If the position is beyond this limit, he can refuse it.

Expected salary level

Salary is a crucial criterion. It is therefore natural to be able to refuse a job if the salary level is not suitable to the job seeker. Moreover, the latter cannot accept an offer lower than that according to his chosen amount of remuneration. If necessary, we will not take away his unemployment benefits.

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