Unemployment: good news for job seekers with the cancellation of this measure

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The government's plan to reduce the duration of unemployment insurance benefits by 40% was strongly criticized before being canceled.

  Unemployment: good news for job seekers'emploi avec l’annulation de cette mesure

On the eve of Christmas Eve, Elisabeth Borne unveils the content of the decree on unemployment insurance . Reading the details, unions and opponents politicians were angry. The left especially. In response to this, the Prime Minister proceeded to withdraw the controversial part of the decree . Find out the details in this article.

Unemployment insurance: reduce the duration of compensation by 40%?

As a reminder, on December 23, 2022, Elisabeth Borne presented a new decree on unemployment insurance . A part broke the unions and some opposition members. This concerns the duration of compensation.

Indeed, according to this new text , the latter will be reduced by 40% if unemployment falls below by 6%. The least we can say is that the project has caused controversy.

So much so that the Prime Minister had to be accountable , Tuesday, January 3, saying on Franceinfo:

“We wanted to be transparent by displaying all the situations and the rules that would apply, including if the unemployment rate drops below 6%. »

Listening to the head of government, we feel that she is open to discussion . Thus, the government would not be against holding discussions on this subject. Waiting, it announces the withdrawal of this part of the decree .

“I hear that this point may not have been sufficiently discussed, so we will withdraw it, this third level of the decree which will come into force on February 1, and we will put this subject back in the consultations on the future rules of unemployment insurance', indicated Élisabeth Borne.

Unemployment insurance: what was planned

The Unemployment Insurance Bill not dated december . Remember that at the end of November, we already knew what was planned. Indeed, the project provided for a 25% reduction in the duration of compensation for jobseekers. That will come into effect from February 2023 .

Still, in this decree, Elisabeth Borne has incorporated the unemployment rate into the equation . Consequently, below 6%, the duration of compensation for all jobseekers may be reduced by 40%. It is right to specify that the unemployment rate in France is currently 7.3% .

Consultations are mandatory

If the unemployment rate is below 6% is neither for today nor for tomorrow , discussions are mandatory. During her appearance on the airwaves of Franceinfo, Élisabeth Borne explained that this measure is self-evident .

“The decree is not a surprise. It's been months that the Minister of Labor has been consulting with employers' organizations and trade unions on a principle that we want to introduce for unemployment insurance, which is to say that the rules evolve according to the situation of the labor market ' , detailed the Prime Minister.

This before concluding with:

“Our intention is transparent: if unemployment is less than 6%, then we think it is the right compensation rule. But, in the decree which will come into force on February 1, as we are not at 6% unemployment, we are withdrawing this rule, we will put it back in the consultation for the future rules of unemployment insurance ”

For its part, Tuesday January 3, 2023, the Ministry of Labor also spoke after this announcement .

“The principle of countercyclicality is now in the law published on December 21 and will therefore be one of the central elements of the future negotiation of the social partners on the subject of compensation rules from January 24. »

Unemployment insurance: 2023, the year of pension reform?

The decree on unemployment insurance is not the only hot topic of this year 2023 . Indeed, during his traditional speech for the New Year, Emmanuel Macron made it known how much he wanted to reform the current pension system . And this, for an application “from the end of the summer”.

'As I promised to you, this year will indeed be that of a pension reform which aims to ensure the balance of our system for the years and decades to come', declared the President of the Republic. .

If the details of the reform will not be known until next January 10 , the majority of French people are against it. It is above all the increase in the retirement age that is the subject of debate. Currently at 62, the government wants to postpone it to 64 or 65 .

All this is of course to be followed closely !

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