Unemployment: what are your rights after a work-study program?

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Doing work-study seems to be the royal way to get a job. But what if you go through the unemployment box after your course?

  Unemployment: what are your rights after a work-study program?

Of our time, Schools and companies highly value work-study courses . Indeed, in the context of short courses such as higher education, this operation makes it possible to learn a trade in the field . For a young high school student or student, this remains a very good opportunity to train. Moreover, work-study gives rise to remuneration . Thus, following an apprenticeship or a professionalization contract makes it possible to gain a certain autonomy. However, what faire if your contract ends and leave you jobless? Know that you can fully benefit from the unemployment benefits . We will explain everything to you.

Pay attention to the reason for breach of contract

Professionalization or apprenticeship contracts are part of employment contracts. They allow you to obtain certain rights, in the same way as the classic CDD or CDI . But pay attention to the reasons that led the contract to end. Indeed, for work-study students as for workers, Pôle emploi does not really appreciate resignations. You must therefore meet one of the following conditions to qualify for unemployment:

  • Your work-study contract included an end date, which has now passed.
  • You broke the contract by mutual agreement with your employer .
  • Your apprenticeship contract has been terminated by decision of the Labor Court. This scenario does not work for professionalization contracts .

in revenge, you will not be entitled to unemployment benefits, in the following situations :

  • Termination of the work-study contract during the trial period, on your initiative or that of your employer.
  • You terminated the contract yourself , after the trial period.

In certain special circumstances, the resignation may appear legitimate . In this case, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits. Here are the reasons for legitimate resignation:

  • If your parents move , and that you must follow them because you are under 18.
  • Yes your employer does not pay you your full salary .
  • If you experience violence or harassment at work.
  • If you end your contract to engage in a civic service .

In all cases, the situations that give rise to unemployment in the event of resignations remain limited. And they are subject to a case-by-case assessment .

A minimum working time to obtain your unemployment benefits

Like any employee, a work-study student must justify a certain number of days worked to claim unemployment insurance. In normal times, it is therefore necessary to have more than 910 hours of employment over the last 24 months.

Nevertheless, with the health crisis and the unemployment insurance reform enacted in 2019 , these criteria may vary. Thus, if your contract ended before November 1, 2019, you must provide proof of at least 4 months of work in the previous 24 months to get your benefits . But if it ended after December 1, 2021, you will have to have worked 6 months to claim unemployment.

In addition to the time worked in recent months, Pôle emploi imposes other criteria to complete your membership:

  • Reside on French territory .
  • Be genuinely looking for a job. Indeed, know that the agency can penalize you if you refuse certain offers or that you do not regularly follow the system recommended by Pôle emploi.
  • physical ability to work .

Unemployment: how much can I expect after a work-study program?

Like most job seekers, the amount of your allowances depends on your former remuneration . However, in the context of an apprenticeship or a professional contract, it can vary according to your age, your level of education or your seniority.

Here is some figures, given as an indication, to let you know what to expect :

  • If you worked as an apprentice as a minor, your salary may have fluctuated between 432 and 881 euros per month . In this case, your unemployment benefit may reach 252 to 536 euros per month.
  • Between the ages of 18 and 21, the apprenticeship pay ranges from 689 to 1074 euros. This will entitle you to an ARE ranging from 414 to 657 euros.
  • If you were over 21 during your apprenticeship , you must have earned between 849 and 1250 euros per month. Also, your unemployment benefits will range from 536 to 789 euros per month.

In the case of a professionalization contract, the scale remains a little simpler :

  • Thus, before 21, you could receive a salary of between 750 and 887 euros per month . Your unemployment benefits can therefore range from 556 to 657 euros.
  • After 21 years, you were able to earn from 955 to 1092 euros. In that case, your indemnities will range from 708 to 810 euros .

How to register with Pôle emploi after a work-study program?

If this is your first time registering with this agency, it is better to inquire beforehand . Indeed, affiliation to unemployment insurance has many subtleties. As well, the slightest missing document can slow down the processing of your file . And therefore, the payment of your allowances. Which can be dramatic if you don't have any money on hand.

In order to start your registration, start by bringing the Pôle Emploi certificate issued by your former employer. It must include the words 'amicable termination' or 'end of contract' . This detail is very important. Indeed, without this indication, Pôle emploi may consider that you have terminated the contract yourself. And in this case, you will not be entitled to your unemployment benefits. As well, it is better to check that your employer has not made a mistake when he gave you this document.

Finally, know that nowadays, registration can be done online, in just a few clicks . Nevertheless, stay tuned for any message from Pôle Emploi. Indeed, after registering your file, the agency will probably call you to a n initial meeting with your advisor . Know that missing this appointment is not a good idea. Indeed, in the event of breaches of your obligations, you incur a radiation . In this case, you will have to wait to be re-registered. And, of course, during all this time, you will not receive any unemployment benefits. Also, do not hesitate to connect regularly to your personal Pôle Emploi account . In this way, you will also be able to make your updates on time, and react quickly in the event of a problem.

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