Value sharing bonus: who are the eligible employees and how much?

modified: 2022-12-27 23:17:02

This new value-sharing bonus concerns many French people, but which ones precisely?

  Value sharing bonus: who are the eligible employees and how much?

Since January, the economic situation in France has changed a lot. Inflation has done a lot of damage in the French household budget. So, aware of the inflation that was only growing, the government passed a law called Purchasing power. The latter contained many measures with the aim of helping the French . There were therefore increases in income, aid and allowances. But also many new aids and bonuses. As may be the case with the value-sharing bonus which succeeds the Macron bonus . But, who is this one for? We'll explaine everything here.

The value-sharing bonus

Since August 16, 2022, the value sharing bonus has been in place. On this date, it takes over from the Macron bonus. The Boursorama site explains it “ This exceptional bonus replaces the former Macron bonus. Thanks to this new government system , employers can pay a bonus to their employees, with advantageous conditions. And for good reason, the value-sharing bonus is exempt (under conditions) from contributions and social security contributions. However, this bonus must not replace the employee's remuneration, increases, or the bonuses provided for in the employee's contract. ”. On the other hand, it should be kept in mind that this bonus remains optional.

Thus, the value-sharing bonus remains a very appreciable aid for employees, provided that employers practice it. No law requires employers to do this. They can choose not to practice it .

Who can pay this premium?

To pay this value-sharing bonus, you must therefore be an employer. But in addition to that, it must remain under private law, such as craftsmen, traders, farmers, etc. . Boursorama also states that 'The public industrial and commercial establishments (EPIC), and public administrative establishments (EPA), which hire staff under private law, are also concerned ”. As well, the employer cannot pay this premium only to employees under contract with the company .

The amount

As the value-sharing bonus remains completely optional, employers can also pay the amount they want respecting a certain limit. Thereby, it cannot exceed 3,000 euros or double if the company has a profit-sharing scheme . This bonus has therefore been paid since July 1 of this year. On the other hand, if the bonus seemed to have been awarded, This must appear on the employee's payslip .

The quality of the employee can also vary the amount of the value-sharing premium. In effect, depending on his salary, his position or even his seniority, the bonus varies. In this way, the employer can choose to give what he wants within the limit of the ceiling imposed by the State for his employees. The only condition to be met is therefore to have a contract with the company to receive the value-sharing bonus. .

Source : Boursorama