Vaping: the very bad news for your health has just fallen...

modified: 2022-09-19 12:25:01

While many smokers view vaping as an alternative, it poses a serious health hazard.


For some years, electronic cigarettes are part of daily . Many people have given up on traditional tobacco, preferring vaping. In effect, e-cigarette liquids remain more affordable . For some people, this is a good option for quitting nicotine. But researchers warn about the risks that this news habit generates…

Scientists have made unprecedented discoveries about lung cancer

The dangers of tobacco have been known for decades . Thus, we have become more aware of the risks we run in smoking. In France, the authorities and doctors raise awareness . In recent years, some have resorted to vaping to preserve their health.

Also, European cigarette packets all display prevention messages and images. Moreover, the law protected minors by prohibiting tobacconists from selling them tobacco. However, vaping is growing in popularity for young people.

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Most advances in science seem to indicate risks for users who vape. Indeed, among cancer victims, one in eight people do not smoke tobacco. The experts have long searched for the postman the cause of the disease . And their findings implicate air pollution, but also vaping.

According to a recent study , polluted air causes inflammation of the lungs. Faced with this, the respiratory organs must heal. Even this process tends to activate the presence cancer cells in the lungs. For people who love vaping, we find the same dynamic. Thereby, e-cigarette smoke irritates the lungs.

Vaping: a habit that is not trivial

So even if people leave the cigarettes classics, the number of cancers does not decrease. In effect, vaping, such as air pollution , increases the chances of getting sick.

Often smokers find that e-cigarettes are still useful to overcome the feeling of lack. For many, vaping is a key step in reducing his addiction to nicotine . By gradually lowering the dosage, individuals free themselves from their habituation .

On the other hand, some people practice vaping for years, without planning to stop. Worse, this habit gains new followers every year . Indeed, teenagers love the gourmet flavors of certain e-liquids. A disturbing change health authorities . Bad news for vaping enthusiasts!

Fortunately, medical research against lung cancer is making major progress. Asked in the columns of The Independent,  researcher Charles Swanton has made some big revelations.
“The mechanism we have identified could help us find better ways to prevent and treat lung cancer in non-smokers. »

Better understanding the are the causes of cancer so it can be better cared for. To keep lungs in healthy , it is thus necessary to breathe a little polluted air. This precaution preserves his respiratory system . By avoiding the healing phases, we avoid developing cancer cells. In order to limit the risks, it is then necessary to limit vaping or at least