Véronique Genest: Ousted from TPMP? 'I have never attacked anyone' his response to Matthieu Delormeau

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In early January 2023, Cyril Hanouna invited Véronique Genest to his set. During her visit, she clashed with Matthieu Delormeau.

  Véronique Genest: Ousted from TPMP? 'I don't'ai jamais agressé personne" sa réponse à Matthieu Delormeau

During the first days of January 2023, Cyril Hanouna undertook to test new columnists in TPMP . Alongside Amel, Natacha Amal and Afida Turner, he allowed Véronique Genest to sit around his table of columnists. Unfortunately, the arrival of the former heroine of Julie Lescaut has turned into a nightmare .

Véronique Genest: tensions from day one

Famous actress, Véronique Genest has also often been talked about for his many positions, often very divisive. While recently she had entrusted to Jordan De Luxe not be present in TPMP because it was 'too expensive' for Cyril Hanouna, it seems that things have changed.

This Monday, January 9, 2023, Véronique Genest answered present as a columnist on the set of TPMP and was presented as a “new recruit”.

Installed right next to Matthew Delormeau , a columnist she had already been able to talk about in the media , Véronique Genest could directly feel a certain tension emanating from him. Aware that they are not necessarily starting off on the right foot, Cyril Hanouna directly wanted to break the ice .

'I'm going to burst the abscess right away, Matthieu and Véronique give you a little kiss already', launched Cyril Hanouna.

After asking if it was an order or not, Matthew Delormeau categorically refused to grant Cyril Hanouna's request . Why ? Quite simply because the words that Véronique Genest, who says she has 'nothing against' him, would have made against him.

'When we say in the press, 'this gay I can't kill him, he's the puppet of Hanouna'', admitted Matthieu Delormeau.

For her part, Véronique Genest directly denied having had such words about Matthieu Delormeau. She then asked him to find the article for her. She nevertheless asserted:

'I do have a problem with you, because I don't necessarily find you very bright. »

Véronique Genest, criticized by Internet users

But if Matthieu Delormeau was not necessarily delighted to find Véronique Genest around the table, he was not the only one. Internet users have indeed been several not to fail to underline their incomprehension in the face of this choice. Véronique Genest replied, as usual, via her Twitter account on which she is very active .

That's not all ! The actress also shared a photo of Matthieu Delormeau turning his back on Twitter. In the caption, he wrote:

“Just to show the boorishness of this gentleman who ostensibly turned his back on me during the whole show. »

We are waiting to see what Gilles Verdez thinks of the arrival of Véronique Genest in TPMP. As a reminder, the latter did not fail to say 'I do not like it' speaking of the columnist in the show Chez Jordan on C8.

“I have never attacked anyone”

Since his confrontation with Matthew Delormeau , Véronique Genest do not go back around the table of 'Do not touch my post' . It must be said that she is far from keeping good memories of her time on C8.

'They've been kicking me for a while. I ended up saying: 'Go why not'. I found it interesting to be able to talk about a lot of things and that it was a funny forum, ”she admitted to Sud Info.

She then added saying:

“But ultimately, it’s not funny at all. It's not bad to get attacked because there are three on the set who can't kill you, you don't even know why. And in addition under absolutely false pretexts. It's hard to be blamed for things you didn't say. »

Faced with Matthieu Delormeau, the actress said never to have said such things . The actress today has the feeling of having been betrayed by Cyril Hanouna. In the first days of his arrival in TPMP, he was assured that she would be “good-natured, friendly and funny” .

“Result: I am called a homophobe, which I am not. This is an accusation that makes no sense. Matthieu Delormeau said after the show: 'She called me dirty gay', but never. I have never been homophobic. Same on the veil. I have my opinion on the subject, but I have never attacked anyone. We should not have the right to denounce so easily things that are false, ”she lamented.

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