Véronique Mounier: the former host of Love is in the meadow reveals the reason for her departure

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Véronique Mounier makes an appearance on TPMP to speak about the reasons for her disappearance from the show L'amour est dans le pré

  Véronique Mounier: the former host of Love is in the meadow reveals the reason for her departure

If today Karine Le Marchand hosts the famous show Love is in the meadow , that hasn't always been the case. At first, it was Véronique Mounier who was on the screens of this coveted show . However, no one ever knew why she had left the antenna. This Saturday, February 3, she spoke about the reasons for her departure.

Véronique Mounier relapsed into anonymity after her debut in Love is in the meadow

At the beginning of her career, Véronique Mounier animated Telematin alongside William Leymergie as a medical journalist. Here, she marked the screens and the hearts of the 2000s . She also imposed her luminous presence for the first two seasons of Love is in the meadow.

Véronique Mounier was replaced due to her pregnancy but never returned to her previous position. She continued her professional career in other shows. For example, she participated in New look for a new life on TF1 . Over time, the brunette beauty decided to withdraw from the limelight.

She's finally unraveled the rumors and uncovered the truth about why she left!

She admits that her TV experience was only a parenthesis in her life

Véronique Mounier revealed that her participation in television shows n was not a long-term professional project for her. She sees this experience as a stage of his life . Moreover, she said on the set of TPMP People 'Maybe that's where my real life started. I enjoyed this TV parenthesis, I met a lot of very nice people and I had a lot of fun. '. His aspirations at the time were to direct his screen appearances to the medical field, his true passion . The former M6 host wanted to be involved in areas that interested her.

Véronique Mounier deplores the misogyny of the television industry

In addition, the host implied that she had some tired of being a mere accessory . According to her, men and women are not equal on television sets and it is a situation that she no longer supports. She also has expressed discomfort when working in pairs with men. Above all, his impression that when you're a woman on television you have an 'expiration date' played a big part in his decision to leave the environment.

Beyond that, the feedback on his shows was never about his work or the subject in question, but about his outfits and haircuts. An observation that made her shudder with anger for she realized that as a woman she would never be good enough as a man. And, that moreover, what interested it was not the value of her work, but what she looked like and if she did the ' vase ».

But, that's not all, another event came to motivate his departure. It is the sudden death of his father . It was a tragic and fatal moment that pushed him to make a decision that had been on his mind for a while now.

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