Vincent Cerruti: the secret of his 14 kilos less

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Recently, Vincent Cerruti was able to be proud of his new physique with his 14 kilos less.

  Vincent Cerruti: after a loss of 14 kilos, he explains his transformation

Last Tuesday, just after Christmas, host Vincent Cerruti was able to proudly display himself on social networks. It must be said that the latter still lost 14 kilos, which is not nothing, especially during the festive period. . Like Julie known in Love is in the meadow who lost 25 kilos recently. But, if Internet users seemed impressed by this change, they especially want to know its secret. What the host was able to answer. We'll explaine everything here.

Vincent Cerruti: his very noticeable weight loss

It remains only in the space of five months that Vincent Cerruti has managed to lose 14 kilos. And if it remains incredible, the host remains well aware of it, that is why he clearly displays it on his Instagram. So, on Instagram, the latter declares “ Hashtag I tell myself about it in Senegal mode. And that said, between August and December (today Tuesday 27) I won my bet!! Pass from 99 kilos to 85 kilos without doing sports ! And it's not bullshit! Like what, by paying attention to what you eat and the quality of the products, it works! Am too happy, because suddenly ( even if it was not the primary motivation ) I fit into all my suits the former star. Life is not beautiful ”.

While Vincent Cerruti does not remain proud of his work as well as his incredible transformation, his subscribers want to know the secret. Indeed, the before / after of the host seems to have motivated some to take control . So, quite embarrassed, the former presenter of Dancing with the Stars decided to reveal her diet to them. It turns out that obviously, only the diet without sport allowed him this miracle.

The Secret to Weight Loss

So, Vincent Cerruti began to explain his way of eating. Both the temporal context and what it may have consumed. He explains that ' For a month, the evening , I have stopped eating pasta, rice, potatoes and white sugar (…) I managed to lose 4.5 kilos. So, already, I was happy (…) ”. On the other hand, he insists on having consulted a health professional. He did not do this alone and called in a pro. He also adds that “ It's easy Vincent, you're going to do it intermittent fasting . You will only eat one meal a day, but a balanced meal (…) and lots of water all day ”. And this way of doing things remains the same as the one that allowed Julie de l'Amour in pre-season 12 to lose 25 kilos.

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No miracle for weight

But, if on Vincent Cerruti, we see that intermittent fasting seems to work well, he is clearly not the only one. In fact, many people do it. Like Karine Le Marchand in order to keep the line which also does this. However, as with everything, this is not a magic trick. you will have to wait a little before noticing good effects. The moderator clarifies that “ It does not come right away, it is after a few months that you will realize it ”. Besides, the health professional remains necessary not to do “ whatever ”.

Thus, if Vincent Cerruti has resorted to intermittent fasting, he is far from being the only one. Many people do it and have good results. On the other hand, there are always key points. That of seeing a health professional. But also that of patience and discipline. Without it, you will not be able to lose weight in a healthy way. .

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