Virginie Ledieu: what you need to know about the daughter of Marion Game

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This Thursday, the world of comedy and television lost a big name, Marion Game. His daughter, Virginie Ledieu, was able to make the sad announcement in the media.

  Virginia Ledieu

Last Thursday, it was a very sad announcement that Virginie Ledieu had to make. Indeed, the daughter of Marion Game had to announce to everyone the death of her mother, actress . Well known for having given her voice to the mother of the Malcolm series. Or even for his role in Scenes of households , this actress leaves a beautiful mark behind her. Before leaving, the actress was able to make many confidences about her life. But also on her daughter, Virginie Ledieu, of whom she seemed to be an accomplice. We'll explaine everything here.

  Marion Game
Marion game during a photo shoot in Paris on 01/28/2022 – Photo credits: Getty Images

Marion Game, strong words

Rumors have been swirling about Marion Game for many weeks now. Indeed, the latter holds the role of Huguette in the miniseries Scenes of households . Present since the very first season in 2009 alongside Gérard Hernandez, she missed a shoot. Indeed, the actors of the series had to go to Corsica for a bonus. But, now the one who plays Huguette could not get there. In the press, a big tiredness seems to evoke like excuse. But Virginie Ledieu's mother seems more and more tired.

Indeed, with Jordan de Luxe, another celebrity was able to talk about the mother of Virginie Ledieu. The latter even declared that he would have heard of memory problems from the part of the actress. Words that quickly made Gérard Hernandez react . The one who shares film sets for almost 12 years with the main concerned found these remarks absurd. He recognizes that with age, they don't seem so fresh and lively anymore, but that's not to speak of insanity.

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  Marion Game
Marion Game and Gerard Hernandez at the Scène de Ménages photo shoot in Onaco on 06/17/2017 – Photo credits: Getty Images

However, shortly after these rumors which left sous-entendre la maladie d'Alzheimer , Virginie Ledieu must announce to the media the death of her mother. However, the latter was still giving interviews, there is little. In particular, she was able to go to Jordan de Luxe to talk about her retirement, her life, her career and even her children. .

The touching secrets

And these confidences that the mother of Virginie Ledieu was able to do with Jordan de Luxe have all the more impact now that she has lost her life. As the journalist asked her how she wanted people to remember her, she replied that hardly anyone would remember or talk about her . Very false assumptions in view of the news of recent days.

It must be said that from this interview with Jordan de Luxe, emerges a Marion Game who is not very confident in herself, and with many regrets . She will notably address the subject of her children. The actress was able to have Virginie Ledieu but also two other sons. And if she insists on saying that she loves them and that they are hers, she admits having abandoned them . She chose her career over her children and seemed to somewhat regret it . But now, her daughter Virginie Ledieu is also part of the world of comedy, and she can more simply understand her mother's choices.

Virginie Ledieu, a childhood far from her mother

If lately, Virginie Ledieu and Marion Game seemed very close, this has clearly not always been the case. While she sees my divorced parents, she can hardly see her mother who is very busy with her job. She said in 2021 in It starts today that she suffered greatly from this maternal lack . The young girl at the time could therefore only count on her father, but obviously the relationships did not always seem obvious either.

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It must be said that Virginie Ledieu often saw her mother on tour for the theater and the latter took a very long time. So one day, the young woman decided to get closer to her mother by going to the Simon course. This place, Marion Game was able to go there at the very beginning of her career . And to get to school, Virginie Ledieu says she had to work at night and study during the day. Fortunately, at the end of the first year, she managed to get a scholarship.

In the end, she didn't have too much trouble telling Marion Game that she was going to embark on the same profession as her. It turns out that at the end of her first year, she had to go on stage, facing a jury. And justly, Virginie Ledieu's mother could be called to be part of it. And it remains at that moment that she knew that her daughter really wanted to make it the job of her life. . Now, the latter also has a great career, between acting, and voice dubbing for big stars like Nicole Kidman.

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