Vitaa: the singer reveals her sports routine at home to keep in shape!

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In a video shared on her Instagram account, the singer Vitaa shared her sport routine, simple but above all effective.

  Vitaa: the singer reveals her sports routine at home to keep in shape!

Very active on social networks, Vitaa never ceases to please his fans by sharing photos and videos on they are Instagram account . Besides sharing her looks, the singer also posts her sports routine to her subscribers . This was the case very recently. In a short video, the mother of the family revealed tips for toning your muscles . Discover all the details.

Vitaa: a very athletic woman

Apart from her life as a singer, Vitaa is a great sportswoman . She often plays sports, even when she was pregnant with her third child. On his Instagram account, the singer revealed the sports routine she follows during her third trimester of pregnancy .

“Here I am in my last trimester of pregnancy and I absolutely wanted to share with you my gentle sports routine which has accompanied me throughout my pregnancy and which allows me to feel so much better on a daily basis”, she said. written in the caption of the video.

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Vitaa does not spare, but she adapts her exercises to her state of health . Many people think that sport poses a risk for pregnant women, but this statement is false. Indeed, the French High Authority for Health recommended physical activity to pregnant women.

“I stay active and I have no back pain”

According to the state body, playing sports when pregnant is “associated with a reduced risk of preeclampsia, gestational hypertension, prenatal depression and macrosomia (birth weight greater than 4 kg)” . That 'reduces the intensity of lumbar and pelvic pain, improves the cardiorespiratory capacity of the future mother' .

Benefits that Vitaa knows. However, as she confessed in the caption of her Instagram video , she tries to stay reasonable at the risk of losing her baby or even being in pain.

'Of course the sessions are less intense, but due to a targeted muscle strengthening session with my coach and a gentle cardio session (elliptical trainer), I remain active and I have no back pain for the first time in a pregnancy (whenever possible and unless otherwise specified),” she confessed.

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Vitaa unveils its sports routine at home

When her baby was born, Vitaa was far from abandoning his sports routine . On the contrary, the mother of three children continues to take care of her body by practicing exercises that are both simple and quick .

The singer explained everything in a video posted on her Instagram account. We could see her wearing black cropped leggings, a pale pink bralette and black sneakers . In the caption of this one, the interpreter of the song “À fleur de toi” wrote:

“Quick Home Workout Routine”

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What kind of exercises do they do to keep fit and look younger? Vitaa detailed everything in his video. And it must be said that it is accessible to everyone .

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Vitaa's sports tips

First, 20 minutes of inclined walking on a treadmill at a speed of 5km/h and a slope of 12. The inclined walk brûler permet a maximum of calories tout in se musclant : a winning combination accessible to all, whether you can also perform outdoors during a brisk walk.

Then, Vitaa continues with a cardio circuit composed of:

  • 20 squats: as a reminder, squats tone the buttocks but also the thighs . To perform them well, be sure to keep your back straight and your pelvis slightly retroverted.
  • 15 lunges on the right: the lunges help to firm the buttocks and thighs . Keep your back straight and lower each leg to maximize the effect.
  • 15 lunges left
  • 20 reps with dumbbells to tone your biceps : during a sports session, do not neglect your arms!
  • 15 repetitions on each leg: on all fours, lifting the straight leg and contracting the buttocks. It works the glutes .
  • 15 crunches to tone your abs. Contract your abs well and be sure to protect your neck as you straighten up.

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