Vital card: scams are multiplying and wreaking havoc in France

modified: 2022-12-25 15:40:02

For many years now, scams have remained a scourge, but for some time now, the vital card has been well targeted.

  Vital card: scams are multiplying and wreaking havoc in France

Since the confinements, the scams have taken a whole new turn. Indeed, although since the dawn of time, scammers exist. During the confinements, the number of scams, and especially on the internet, exploded. Of course, SMS, emails, and even the Internet remain a revolution, but also a big advantage in our society. . But they also bring their own set of problems. And this ease of communicating with anyone in a few clicks also does damage, especially in termes d'arnaque . And, an object particularly targeted, seems to be vital cards . We'll explaine everything here.

The vital card scam

More and more in France, scams are growing . And one in particular that includes the vital card. Indeed, the latter declares that the vital card will soon expire and quickly, it seems to ask for the bank details to be able to update it. A scam that looks big, but works. A couple in Vaucluse even lost nearly 12,000 euros because of this scam.

It must be said that for fraudsters with the vital card, we found a great process. It only asks them to send an email or an SMS. As fast as it is efficient . And this couple from Vaucluse seems to have fallen into the trap. Indeed, thinking that their cards were going to expire, they entered their bank details to avoid this. Result, 12,000 euros lost. A large sum that seems very difficult to repay or live without . Especially in this inflationary year. The couple's man, Marc, 71, explains that ' I was asked to pay the sum of 64 cents online to receive my new Vitale card, because mine was about to expire. And since I was going back to the hospital the next day, I did it without thinking too much ”.

The course of the scam

So, after receiving this email or SMS containing a link. The victims are required to pay a small sum so that their vital card does not expire. Then the victims have a phone call. The person on the phone pretends to be a fraud inspector from their banks, ironic enough. Mark says “ He told us that our account had been hacked, with large sums debited, and that protective measures had to be put in place. He seemed very serious and reassuring to us. He called us at least five times and each time he made me make transfers to an account he had opened in my name, he told me ”.

And once stolen bank details thanks to this vital card scam, the crooks stole the money on the blue cards. “ He told us he had to get them back right away to block them. And even sent a courier to our house to pick them up. We just had to put them in a closed envelope by writing our names on them and our codes if we wanted to keep them. ”.

Serious consequences

But, if for these crooks à la carte vitale, it remains a nice sum earned, for Marc, his life seems wasted. At 71, this gentleman finds himself with less than two euros on his A booklet. A sad reality. His wife, Chantal, says “ I'm desperate I have 1.43 euros left on my Livret A and our two checking accounts are overdrawn . We have nothing left... ”. But, it is absolutely not sure that the Bank will come to reimburse the couple. If the bank plays the card of the couple's excessive negligence, it does not see itself under the obligation to help them. Fortunately, a surge of solidarity already seems to be in place from the inhabitants of their region.

Source : CNews