See Thor Bjornsson Get Crushed During an Assault Bike Workout

In a brand-new video on his YouTube channel, previous World’s Strongest Man turned boxing up-and-comer Hafthor Bjornsson, aka Thor, aka The Mountain, takes on one of his most intense cardio exercises. Coaching him through it are Icelandic CrossFit professional athletes (and husband-and-wife group) Annie Mist Thorisdottir and Frederik Aegidius.

” Hafthor has actually come and done some Crossfit with us in the past,” states Annie, who has actually won the CrossFit Games two times. “And I’ve constantly been a bit anxious, to be truthful, that I would eliminate him when he does it.” She’s just half-joking: each time Thor has actually trained with Annie, he has actually explained it as the hardest exercise of his life, and made it clear he mored than happy to make it out of the exercise alive.

After a 10-minute warmup, the exercise includes a series of full-blown periods on the attack bike, lasting 75 seconds, 60 seconds, 45 seconds, and 30 seconds, with 5-minute pause in between. Frederik recommends around 95 percent effort, as he thinks 100 percent would have Thor gasping on the flooring not able to finish any of the other workouts, based upon his VO2 max. “This is not for the fainthearted,” he states.

” I understand how your legs feel,” twice-crowned “Fittest Woman in the world” Annie informs Thor. “Believe me, I understand. There are extremely couple of sessions that in fact get me sobbing, and this is among them … It’s never ever going to get simpler, you simply go quicker.”

Since retiring from the strongman world, Bjornsson has actually doubled down on his boxing training in the lead-up to his battle versus Eddie Hall, exercising 3 times a day. This attack bike session, he describes, is a workout in constructing his cardiovascular endurance.

” In strength sports, I understand how to press myself,” he states. “I made the error in the very first set to go for it, and the next 2 sets were simply not as excellent since I had actually absolutely nothing left in the tank to keep the momentum going … In a competitors, in the boxing ring, you do not wish to gas out in the preliminary, you wish to know what rate you must address.”

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