Water cuts: what the government is planning for the drought

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Following the drought we went through last summer, the executive revealed that water cuts were going to take place.

  Cuts of'eau : ce que prévoit le gouvernement face à la sécheresse

In recent months, nothing has gone right for the French. After a pandemic that turned our habits upside down in 2020 and 2021, bad news keeps coming . By the very admission of our President, 2022 marks the end of recklessness. Since this fall, the public authorities have been preparing us for more sobriety, in a context of energy crisis . But recently, the Minister for the Ecological Transition also spoke about the use of drinking water. Indeed, following last summer's heat wave , several territories are in a situation of water stress. To deal with the phenomenon, the government therefore revealed a drought action plan . So expect to live future water cuts .

The state wants to promote more sobriety

According to Christophe Béchu, the drought we encountered on sunny days had of gross impacts . 'There will be a before and after summer 2022.' Also, the Minister of Ecological Transition granted an interview to the newspaper Le Parisien. The goal? Unveiling an anti-drought action plan .

And according to him, cuts of water could occur . “Almost all the departments have been affected by restrictive measures and 700 municipalities have experienced difficulties in supplying drinking water. And it's not going to get better: the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) predicts between 10 and 40% drop in the level of our rivers by 2050. Nature does not leave no choice. '. Given the critical situation that awaits us, it seems that the time is over for empty promises. As well, the government wants to reduce our consumption by 10% . That is a reduction of 4 billion m3 out of a total of 33 captured each year. »

And to do this, occasional water cuts may occur from time to time. Farmers will also be among the actors affected by this plan. Without setting too many restrictions on French agriculture, which would push us to import. »

Anticipate, with water cuts before summer

According to the Minister, Christophe Béchu , the consumption of the French reaches 150 liters of water per person per day. To successfully assess the quantities of water available , it highlights the information of citizens. And this, by means “of a form of Ecowatt of water on which we will find the state of the tensions in the sector where we are. » Thus, this tool will Know when and where water cuts will occur .

Government strategy? Do not wait for the situation to reach too serious a level before acting. Usually the restrictions come into effect in the summer. But now, Christophe Béchu indicates water cuts can take place earlier . In this way, they can also remain less restrictive. Thereby, they would be limited to time slots, not whole days .

For the Minister for Ecological Transition , the population must adapt to climate change. But it also foresees developments in water management policies . We cannot keep municipalities that manage drinking water competence alone. The objective of installing water management in intermunicipalities in 2026 must be met. »

Finally, Christophe Béchu also points to another area for improvement: wastewater treatment and use in our country. » Only 1% of wastewater is reused in France. Italy is 10 times more, Spain 20 times more and Israel 100 times more. »

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