'We have a baby that's not breathing': this incredible heroic act of a nurse on an airplane

modified: 2022-09-15 17:19:02

A nurse receives national attention for her heroic work with a baby who has stopped breathing!


In life, many events that we could never expect can arise at any time! Whether in the office, on the street or in transport. And speaking of the latter, a shocking situation that took place on a plane is currently the subject of great discussion. A baby suddenly stopped breathing, causing all the passengers present during the flight to react!

Baby: He stopped breathing in mid-flight, a nurse had pulled him out of danger!

Tamara Panzino was a Spirit Airlines passenger. When suddenly the baby stopped breathing for about a half hour after take off . It is moreover a information reported by FOX 35. Absolutely no one expected it!

Panzino is a well-known nurse in her field! Indeed, it is by saving the lives of people that she earns her living. And this, for more than 20 years. Following the child's unexpected reaction, she immediately began massaging the baby's chest and legs.

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Fortunately, the little baby reacted soon after! A great relief both for his parents and for the passengers aboard the plane. This heroic act did not go unnoticed by the media. Proof that the event was posted online, including by the channel FOX 35 !

“On my flight home from Pittsburgh to Orlando, a baby stopped breathing three rows ahead of me,” reported Ian Cassette! Before saying more: 'Fortunately, a nurse managed to get him to breathe again'! It's about a meteorologist who made himself known to everyone on FOX channel 35, who was also on the flight.

The reaction of the parents of the child!

Panzino, the fameuse nurse who had saved the baby's life also had something to say about this critical situation! 'When you have to step forward and do the right thing, you do it. It was just a happy story, and it made me feel really good,” she told FOX 35 at the time.

It must be said that there are still people benevolent in this world which is already infested by malicious people!

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Ian Cassette also tweeted about the reaction of the baby's parents to the act of bravery from Panzino! Apparently the parents of three-month-old Anjelé were terrified and had never experienced this before.

And for saving her, they praised the positive energy of the plane. And of course, were grateful for Tamara's heroic actions.

The cause of the baby's medical problem is unclear at this time!

A representing of Spirit Airlines also shared their little speech in a press release! 'We thank our crew and our guest for their quick response!

Before clarifying that their flight attendants are trained to respond to medical emergencies on board.

And according to them, these officers use several resources, including communicating with their designated medical experts on call to the ground. And this, by using the medical kits on board and by receiving the help of professionals accredited medical personnel traveling on the flight.

In other words, absolutely no one should worry about health issues like the baby did. In any case, passengers are in good hands .