Weight loss: foods to avoid abusing

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The human body reacts differently to different foods. Here are the 10 foods that slow down the weight loss process.

  Weight loss: foods to avoid abusing

The human body reacts differently to different foods. Although we need to eat to live, there are certain foods that do more good than others. Indeed, you know the different rules of good nutrition. Between eating five fruits and vegetables a day, not eating too fatty, too salty or too sweet. The idea here remains the same. You should know that foods that are too fatty, sweet or salty can be difficult for the body to expel. Thus, the human body stores these foods as fat. Some foods promote weight gain. By removing these products from your diet, you make yourself favorable to weight loss, and above all a healthier diet. here are the 10 foods that slow down the process of weight loss. We'll explaine everything here !

the delicatessen

During the winter, what could be better than a good raclette? However, you should know that this meal is a bad diet. And this, especially if you consume it often. You should know that the level of fat and salt is much too high. We can say that deli meats have many health risks. All saturated fats and sodium do not facilitate weight loss, on the contrary. The answer is obviously not to remove this food from your diet. Just moderate.

Weight loss made difficult with sodas

You probably know that cans of soda contain a lot of sugar. It should be noted that each can contains between ten to twelve sugar cubes. A rate far too high, and therefore bad for health. The human body is unable to filter this high rate. Once the muscles have absorbed the necessary amount, the remaining sugar will turn into fat. As a result, weight loss is seen to slow down with the consumption of sodas. Of course, there is nothing wrong with consume it from time to time, always in moderation.

fried foods

fried foods are barriers to weight loss. As you probably know, fat and oil are far too high in calories. Whether it's fries, nuggets, fried chicken... The large amount of oil is stored and transformed, in the human body, into fat. An alternative is to steam these foods even in the oven with only a little fat.

Weight loss: Avoid ready meals

Frozen foods and prepared meals fill the shelves of some supermarkets. Whether it's pizzas, pies, or even gratins. If you are on a diet, then you know that these foods slow down weight loss. Industrial preparations, which are easy to reheat, therefore prove to be too high in salt, sugar and fat. Preparations with the “organic” label should also be avoided.


Winter is often synonymous with cheese for many French people. However, as you know, cheese is a hindrance to weight loss. And this, since the majority of cheeses contain a high level of fat. To avoid weight gain, you should stay away from the cheese platter. Know that you can still eat it, but in smaller quantities. Indeed, for people who do not have health problems, one to two servings per meal won't hurt.

Weight loss: Avoid e pain

The bread is one of the worst enemies of weight loss. The tradition of the baguette in France is not a rumour. It should then be known that all breads are not created equal. However, those that are industrially produced with refined flour have a particularly high glycemic index. Once in the human body, refined flour acts like sugar. Consumption should therefore be limited.

The dried fruit

The dried fruit are not weight loss aids. Although they have the word “fruit” in them, they are found to be rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. As you know, these foods contain high nutritional value. Athletes eat it before physical activity to give energy. Eating it in large quantities has the opposite effect. So, to promote weight loss, consumption must be controlled. Nutritionists therefore recommend a handful per day, no more.

Pastries, cookies and cakes

Pastries… A little pleasure that we can often find difficult to do without. And this, just like cookies and cakes. However, it should be noted that nutritionally, the sugar level is far too high. After tasting, the feeling of satiety fades quickly and calls to return to snacking . One of the biggest obstacles to weight loss.

Weight loss: Avoid a mayonnaise

the mayonnaise , a condiment adored by the French. However, the fat and therefore calorie content is very high. Made from oil and egg, in terms of calories , this condiment slows down the difficult process of weight loss. Some people then recommend mixing a little 0% cottage cheese with it. And to lighten it up.

The drama

The drama . This food does not promote weight loss at all. And this, since it is very high in fat. In the case of a diet, it is therefore necessary to know that there remains better not to eat it. And this, because of the fat present.

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