Weight loss: here's how long you need to cycle per week to lose weight for sure!

modified: 2022-09-15 12:20:02

The bike, a means for effective weight loss. We reveal the main rules to follow when it comes to cycling.


Cycling, as we all know, is recreational exercise. This is a form of cardio training that can help you lose weight and fat. It has to be done for a certain time, at a certain speed and on a regular basis. And this, in order to derive benefits in terms of weight loss. Discover without further delay the basic principles to follow to ride a bike by practicing it regularly! The details !

Weight loss: The optimal time for cycling!

To lose fat, you need to cycle for at least half an hour. Cycling is a cardio workout. And as it would seem, we usually start to burn fats only after the first 20 minutes.

If you walk, fat burning begins after this time. So be sure to cycle for at least 30 minutes to see results on your weight!

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For outdoor biking, try to start on a flat surface. Once your body has adjusted to cycling on a flat surface, you can then take uphill routes. And this, using higher speeds on your bike.

However, if you are a beginner, start by pedaling your bicycle for 20 to 30 minutes maximum, then increase your speed gradually .

Stretch before and after cycling

Always with the aim of improving the process weight loss, be aware that this process is particularly important for people who cycle outdoors.

During your journey, you may have to ride a bike on a bumpy route or even worse, muddy. So, it requires a good stretch so that you don't have soreness after exercise.

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And besides, not stretching can put a strain on your back and increase the risk of injury. In order to reduce this risk , you should prepare well when you go cycling.

To do this, you can start with stretch your arms, back, ankles, legs, etc. You also need to do exercises for the lower back and spine.

The distance to travel for successful weight loss!

In terms of weight loss, you have to cycle for about 20 to 30 km on average! However, instead of focusing on distance, consider focusing on duration of cycling , which should be half an hour or more.

Indeed, this is a very important point! Not to be overlooked if you want a result convincing !

Also be sure to check regularly your heart rate throughout your journey. According to the standards, this must reach approximately 110 beats per minute .

According to cycling experts, this is the best way to train your heart during a cardio session. Cycling in this way can also help you build endurance.