WhatsApp: soon ephemeral messages that are erased once read?

modified: 2022-12-14 14:02:03

WhatsApp is testing a novelty on these text messages. Users can send readable messages only once. The details.

  WhatsApp: soon ephemeral messages that are erased once read?

WhatsApp will roll out soon a new feature . The Meta group messaging application will implement the “view once” option. Like a Snap, the texts thus sent will disappear once the recipient has read it . These special messages will be available from a future version of the application. What does it consist of? How to use it ? When can you access it? The answers in this article.

WhatsApp: an extension of the “view once” option

Functionality “view once” or “one-time use” shipments from WhatsApp, had been available since 2021. Messages with this feature displayed a “1” logo. But back then, the option was only intended for photos and videos .

WhatsApp Messenger Developers want to apply this concept to text messages . On the privacy side, it is a better alternative to ephemeral conversations.

Ephemeral messages are programmed at disappear after 7 days, 24 hours or 90 days . However, a future WhatsApp update goes even further. The latter consists of sending messages that expire on their first reading. It will be available on the Android version of the application .

But WABetainfo said that the one-time send option will already be available from a WhatsApp beta version for Android. One thing is certain, this feature of WhatsApp, will revolutionize privacy of sending messages.

The deployment of this addition could enjoy great popularity . It will come in handy during an important message. In particular, it will prevent the unwanted propagation of your most confidential content.

How to use this new function of WhatsApp?

To explain the principle of this function of single use of text messages, the site WABetainfo posted a screenshot . The media drew attention to a new button, a padlock attached to the green send button in messaging.

The site explains that all you need to do is activate this padlock to send a one-time message . Once this is done, the text you have sent can only be read once by your recipient. The text will be deleted automatically as soon as the latter opens it.

WhatsApp guarantees to the sender the deletion of this text , as soon as the double blue tick, proof of reading, has appeared. It will then no longer be possible to read such a message. For his part, the recipient will see an “expired text” notification on his screen, from this first and only reading.

The system embedded in the application takes care of its own the deletion of the text as soon as the conversation is opened . This option will be very useful for distribute sensitive information to someone . Like single-use images and videos, the recipient will not be able to forward or copy these messages.

But as this option is still under development , the site specifies that this model is still to be reviewed. The final result of version could be a little different from the example .

The end of screenshots

One-time message functionality is still being studied by the developers of the application . It will therefore take some time before being accessible to all messaging users.

Currently, this function was only announced for the Android version from WhatsApp. No information on the deployment of this option to the iOS version has not yet been revealed .

Prior to the deployment of this update, the workaround available to users is the option 'delete for everyone' . But this does not prevent the recipients of these messages from take screenshots .

Also, to take the concept of privacy a step further, WhatsApp also works on blocking screenshots . This function is available on version for Android messaging tested by beta testers.

The presentation sheet of this version specifies that the recipient of these messages cannot take screenshots . Option valid for images and videos, the latter will not be able to copy, save, share or transfer them .

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