WhatsApp: this new feature allows you to recover deleted messages

modified: 2022-12-23 11:34:12

The WhatsApp instant messaging service is becoming more and more popular and expanding its possibilities.

  WhatsApp: this new feature allows you to recover deleted messages

For several years now, the instant messaging service WhatsApp has been experiencing a wave of popularity. Indeed, whether it is for work, family or talking to people abroad, this app is very handy . You can use it from your phone, tablet, computer and even connected watches. So, inevitably, for its completely free side, the application seems to be adored. But, in addition to that, it evolves with the times. Recently, if you could delete messages, you can now also restore them . We'll explaine everything here.

WhatsApp, a very useful addition

In 2017, a wave of users of the WhatsApp platform asked the latter to add new options. And especially, the ability to delete a message . But not just from his own phone, but for anyone on the conversation. So this year users won . WhatsApp messaging has therefore made it possible to implement the functionality “ delete for everyone ”. in revenge, there was a delay .

At the beginning where WhatsApp allowed to 'delete for everyone' , it had to be done in a laps de temps of sept minutes . After this time, you can only delete it for your phone. So, that changed over time. Users seemed to be asking for more time. Because in a message sent to the wrong person, in the wrong group or even during a moment of weakness that we regret.

It may take time to realize it . So, the WhatsApp group has increased the time limit to 60 hours . Even today, if you are looking to delete a message that is more than 60 hours old, you can only delete it for yourself . And not for everyone.

Supprimer la suppression ?

So, if basic WhatsApp allowed users to remove a message from a conversation, it was still to correct user errors or stupidities. But, it seems that this possibility of correction also has need fix . Indeed, users delete messages without doing it on purpose and regret it afterwards. Or, you may want a goof in conversation. But instead of hitting delete for everyone, you put delete for me . Then, it's a catastrophe .

Indeed, in this case, you can no longer see your WhatsApp message. On the other hand, your recipient yes. So it seems impossible to delete it for everyone. Fortunately, WhatsApp has countered this. It now seems possible to undo a message deletion. This can therefore still avoid nonsense. Or allow you to delete a message for everyone. On the other hand, here too, there is a deadline .

The realization of the project

You will now have a five second timeout to undelete a message . Whether the deletion affects only you or everyone. And it seems that this possibility of cancellation is already possible. In effect, a beta version , for all tests, has already been able to get online . It is therefore in the testing phase for the desktop (computer), Android and iOS versions. The tests have been able to start since last August and seem to be well validated.

Thus, with the beta version which seems to have worked well , WhatsApp messaging should soon be able to spreading this new possibility very soon . It may even be that your phone already has it and you don't know it. One thing is certain, with so many tools so as not to be mistaken, you risk making far fewer blunders per message . It must be said that a message sent a little too quickly, under emotion or without paying attention, it can go fast . And the consequences, they can go far.

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