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Who is Kylie Prew? She’s JoJo Siwa’s brand-new sweetheart, who has actually made JoJo the “happiest” she’s “ever been.” Find out more about Kylie, here!

Just shy of 3 weeks after coming out as gay, JoJo Siwa presented her sweetheart to the world: Kylie Prew After the Dance Moms alum made the delighted statement on Feb. 8– which was commemorated by celebs like Paris Hilton and Nikkie de Jager— this resulted in the next concern: who is Kylie Prew? While JoJo addressed this concern in sweet post, here’s what else you need to learn about the woman who has actually made JoJo the “happiest” she has actually “ever been”:

1. How does JoJo understand Kylie?

JoJo exposed that Kylie was really her “buddy” for one year prior to they took their relationship to the next level on Jan. 8, 2021. “After being my buddy for over a year, January 8th 2021 I got to begin calling this remarkable human my Girlfriend … and Since then I’ve been the happiest I have actually ever been!,” JoJo discussed in a one-month anniversary homage post.

JoJo is smitten with Kylie, and could not stop gushing over her sweetheart’s numerous terrific qualities: “She seriously is the most caring, encouraging, happiest, protective, and simply the most gorgeous best individual worldwide. And I get to call her mine! Pleased one month to my woman! I like you a growing number of daily!”

Kylie sent out the social networks like right back. “Fall in love with your buddy, people. it’s THE BEST sensation in the whole world. here’s to one month with my preferred human:-RRB- i like you sharky ♡,” she composed on Instagram along with sweet pictures and a video with JoJo.

2. Where is JoJo’s sweetheart from?

Kylie is from the attractive seaside town of Key Largo, Florida. This is the exact same location that was struck by Hurricane Irma in 2017; luckily, Kylie’s house was not damaged, which she exposed in the Instagram post above.

Since Kylie is still residing in Florida, she’s presently in a long-distance relationship with JoJo.

3. What is JoJo’s sweetheart’s age?

JoJo’s sweetheart is still in high school and graduates in 2022, according to her professional athlete page on Max Prep She played university basketball her freshman year!

3. Who are JoJo’s sweetheart’s moms and dads?

Kylie’s daddy is Doug Prew, who owns 2 dining establishments in Florida Keys: The Fish House and The Fish House Encore. Kylie’s mommy is

Narelle Prewprofile, who is from Sydney, Australia. She likewise has a twin![ed] The household “takes pleasure in taking a trip, boating and domesticity filled with activities that focus around middle-school pursuits,” which a

about Doug and his long-running companies exposed in 2017 (Kylie and her twin remained in intermediate school at the time). The Florida Keys site, which released the function piece, likewise exposed that Kylie and her twin frequently bussed tables “when they require

additional pocket money."

1. Kylie motivated JoJo to come out! Lady Gaga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlvAMw92lOE JoJo discreetly brought out a TikTok to ‘s LGBTQ anthem “Born This Way,” however didn’t formally validate the news up until publishing an image of a T-shirt from her cousin that read, “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” on Jan. 22. While appearing on the Feb. 3 episode of

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the dancing and singing experience exposed how her sweetheart– who was still a secret at the time– contributed in this huge expose.” One day I was on FaceTime with my sweetheart– this was the day after I published the ‘Born This Way’ TikTok– and I was on FaceTime with her, and we were simply speaking about it, and speaking about all the love that can be found in and we were both like, ‘Technically, I still have not validated it’,” Jojo informed

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Jimmy Fallon(*) ” So I resembled, ‘I kinda simply wish to publish this photo on my genuine Story,’ and she was extremely motivating. She resembled, ‘Do it!’ And I resembled, ‘All right,’ and I did it.”(*) #Kylie #Prew #Learn #JoJo #Siwas #Girlfriend #Hollywood #Life