Who wants to be my partner: full box for the couple of farmers after their passage on M6

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This year, M6 is broadcasting Who wants to be my partner. A duo of business creators captured the attention of viewers.

  Who wants to be my partner: full box for the couple of farmers after their passage on M6

Nowadays there is a TV show for each domain . Fashion addicts, budding cooks, brides and grooms… everyone has their place on the small screen. This year, the third season of who wants to be my partner got off to a great start. In this program, entrepreneurs come to pitch their business. The goal? Convince the jury to invest in their projects . Candidates are therefore looking for financial support, but also strategic support to develop their company. However, on January 4, two creators caused a sensation on M6 . And they have received many orders.

Who wants to be my partner: the participants of January 4, 2023

Last Wednesday, the public discovered the revolutionary idea of ​​Jean-Sébastien and Marine Schils. Their company 'Paille d'O' produces and sells straws that are biodegradable, but also reusable. While the AGEC law has just banned the use of plastic cutlery and crockery, this concept has it all. Indeed, the invention of the two young entrepreneurs allows about 10 uses, and withstands about ten passages in the dishwasher. They had to get the support of the Jury of Who wants to be my partner.

Marc Simoncini, Delphine André and Eric Larchevêque put 70,000 euros in the company against 24% of the shares of the company. A considerable springboard for the two founders. But their participation in Who wants to be my partner also had unexpected consequences on their business. Thus, the broadcast of this episode touched many people in the public. Also, the Paille d'O online store has seen its traffic explode. Many customers have made large orders there. The craze, following the broadcast of Who wants to be my partner, even ended up causing a technical failure on the site.

Jean-Sébastien and Marine Schils moved by this commercial success

Surprised by this enthusiasm, the candidates of Who wants to be my partner, however, wanted to express their gratitude on their Instagram page. In fact, they managed to get their site back up and running fairly quickly.

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' Thank you from the heart. We didn't expect that, it's magic. (…) We don't know what else to tell you, your sincerity, your generosity and your outstretched hands touch us. Through us, a whole French agriculture shines. »

On Twitter, Eric Larchevêque did not fail to welcome the results recorded by the candidates of Who wants to be my partner. He also insisted on the challenges that still awaited Jean-Sébastien and Marine. 'What's at stake now for them? Transform distribution agreements and make them permanent to ensure restocking and win customers over the long term. »

Indeed, the two participants of Who wants to be my partner will therefore have to live up to their new notoriety. Indeed, it seems that their idea has fascinated the public. Key? Great growth prospects for their business. But also, a reputation to build.

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