Wifi: how to check if someone is using your network?

modified: 2023-01-10 20:15:02

Nowadays, subscribers of all operators can take advantage of Wifi. But how do you know if someone is using your connection?

  Wifi: how to check if someone'un utilise votre réseau ?

Older people know that use internet hasn't always been so easy e. Until 20 years ago, subscribers were only entitled to a small wired modem, and a rather slow connection. But in recent years, ADSL and then fiber optics have revolutionized our daily lives . From now on, internet subscriptions all include a Wifi box. The goal? To be able to connect wirelessly, in a few clicks, to the home network. This system also allows you to connect your television, telephones, or even your online printer. And this without making any connections. However, your Wi-Fi connection can easily take advantage of an intruder , without you being able to know it. For your safety, here are several tips.

Identify a user who connects to your Wifi network

Quick and practical, the wireless boxes remain secure , if you are careful enough when using them. To do this, you still need to know the right reflexes to adopt. Few people know this, but internet subscriptions all allow you to access a complete dashboard. The goal? Have a global vision of what is happening on your Wifi network . The most seasoned users use this interface to identify a possible breakdown, or see the list of devices connected to their box.

Depending on your carrier, the method of accessing this dashboard may vary.

  • Customers who have subscribed internet access at SFR should go to this address: Collez simplement ce lien dans la barre URL de votre navigateur Chrome, Firefox ou Opera. Pensez aussi à vous munir des identifiants et mots de passe rattachés à votre compte SFR.
  • For Orange subscribers , the method remains the same. You can enter http://livebox/ ou dans la barre URL.
  • For the clients of Bouygues , go to this address: https://mabbox.bytel.fr/

If you have any doubts, log on to your customer area, on your operator's website. This dashboard plays a vital role in monitoring possible intruders that would squat your Wifi.

What should I do if I spot abnormal activity on the network?

If someone was using your Wi-Fi , it just might get you in trouble. Especially if it is a user who has illegal activities on the net (downloads, purchases of prohibited products, etc.). Also, if you see aircraft unknown to the battalion on the administration interface of your connection, you can act.

Attention ! The list of objects connected to your network may seem long. And some unfamiliar titles might surprise you. That said, keep in mind that all the smartphones, tablets, computers of your loved ones can appear on the interface e. This even includes the devices of some of your friends, to whom you lend your internet access during their visits. No need to panic for no reason.

To increase security, all you need to do is change the access key to your Wifi . This manipulation can be done quite easily from the 'configuration' section of your dashboard . When changing the password, avoid using first names or terms from everyday language. The best thing to do? Use a randomly generated key , using a tool like NordPass or 1password.

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