Will the inflation bonus finally be distributed in mid-October?

modified: 2022-09-29 14:15:05

The government continues to pay aid to fight against inflation. Moreover, an inflation premium is scheduled for mid-October.

  prime inflation

The government is making enormous efforts to help all citizens. In addition, after the back-to-school bonus and the various allowances, it is now launching the inflation bonus. This help will undoubtedly be welcome for the beneficiaries. The rollout is already underway and normally the bounty will be available in bank accounts by October.

Prime Inflation: Who will it be for?

This time, the government is focusing more on seniors . Seniors will be the main targets of this inflation premium. So if you are one of the seniors who currently receive the minimum allowance old age (ASPA), have no doubt, you will receive your inflation bonus. And that soon!

However, unlike other financial aid, it will be the insurance that will take care of paying you the amount due by mid-October at the latest. So be ready!

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For low-income workers, if you are beneficiaries of the activity bonus, you are also eligible to receive the inflation bonus. The payment will be processed by CAF, but your due will be made by mid-November.

It should always be remembered that the beneficiaries of the inflation bonus will not have to do anything. There is no process to follow to apply. The people targets are already recorded beforehand in the registers of each department. However, to ensure that the inflation bonus has been received correctly, it is always advisable to check the contact details carefully.

Payment dates will vary.

For all the beneficiaries of the inflation bonus, know that payment will begin mid-October . The receipt of the allowance may however vary according to the banking institutions.

There is no need to panic if you do not receive yours within the dates mentioned. However, we advise you to get closer to the institutions to check all the same, the presence of the transaction .

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As for the amount, the government gives an inflation bonus of 100 euros per beneficiary to which is added 50 euros per dependent child. Large families will therefore have the advantage of receiving a certain sum.

But be careful, to be able to touch l’allocation per child, the beneficiary must be the person who takes care exclusively of the child, and this, on a permanent basis.

Inflation bonus: A government promise

Protecting the people is the government's motto in the face of inflation. Nearly 6 billion euros are destined to meet the needs of all French people. This is why the State intervenes in the deployment of the various bonuses.

The advantage? You will not have to follow any steps to register. A list of needy people are already registered in the departments. Beneficiaries just need to check their details to be sure that the account number with which the payment will be made is the correct one. The rest are the various institutions administrative who take care of it.

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