Winter 2022: these 19 easy-to-apply tips to make big energy savings!

modified: 2022-09-26 17:00:04

Reduce the amount of your winter 2022 bill by adopting these ultra simple but very effective methods. The details !

  Winter 2022

Despite the social assistance offered by the state, it is difficult to say that it can offset the cost of inflation! Indeed, these do not further improve the purchasing power of the French. That said, absolutely everyone needs to save money. Whether in terms of budget, but above all, with regard to the various consumptions, including energy! Discover these simple and effective habits that you can adopt to lower your bill for winter 2022!

Winter 2022: Electricity is a big expense for some!

Apparently, a French household spends an annual budget of “ €2,690 to energy. A figure that can also be classified as exorbitant! And this, without yet taking into account other expenses.

As far as housing is concerned, “1,590 euros” are recorded there, of which 37% is generally consumed by electricity! And in any case, it is always the heating that uses the most energy and weighs heavily on the bill. However, be aware that you can reduce these rates for winter 2022 by betting on the right tactics!

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The Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) can also help you reduce the cost of your bills with his infallible tricks. Of the techniques essentials that you can find in their booklet entitled 'Water and energy: how to reduce the bill'.

Here are the ones that are the easiest to reproduce! Put them into practice and you will see that your bill for winter 2022 will be less exorbitant.

Here's how to reduce energy costs related to heating!

So let's start with the energy expenses related to heating ! To do this, you can reduce the temperature of the device by 1°C. This process could apparently contribute to the reduction of energy consumption by up to 7%.

Also remember to heat the rooms occupied by daytime at 20°C and at 16°C when unoccupied. At the same time, ventilate the rooms by letting in light during the day.

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To reduce your consumption of energy for winter 2022, remember to close all shutters, blinds and curtains at night. Thus, heat loss through windows could be reduced by up to 60%.

When you are not using your heater, it is best to activate mode 'frost protection' of the device. Moreover, this habit must also be applied in the event of prolonged absence!

Winter 2022: What about expenses related to electrical appliances?

Expenses energy related to electrical appliances are also among those whose costs are the most exorbitant. And to reduce their energy consumption, consider turning off the machines 'completely' in case of inactivity!

This includes the computer, television, radio or others . Leaving them on standby could increase your bill by 10%!

Most of us tend to wash our textiles at 90°C. A habit that could apparently consume up to 3 times more energy than when you choose a cycle at 30°C.

For a less exorbitant bill in winter 2022, avoid charging your electronic devices overnight. In addition, also remember to wash the grid at the back of the refrigerator frequently!