Winter 2022: these 5 tips for heating without breaking the bank, according to an architect on Twitter!

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Winter 2022: The five ingenious ideas of an architect to face the cold. A post that went viral on Twitter.

  Winter 2022

Even though it's autumn, we already have to prepare for this winter 2022 . But don't panic, because recently a young woman gave us some effective advice. And they will allow us to stay warm . Discover them in this edition!

Winter 2022: This architect is a hit on the internet!

We are now in the fall season , we have all seen a drop in temperature and after global inflation that the France lived. Indeed, energy prices have also increased in result .

To face it, we must prepare ourselves well for this winter of 2022. Thanks to the ingenious ideas than the young architect of 25 years! So she explained her tricks on her Twitter account. Thus, it is possible for you warm up while saving money for this winter .

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On her Twitter account, the young Normandy woman, who remained anonymous, calls herself Nel. She posted on September 25 some very practical ideas to face this winter 2022 .

The architect gave advice for reduce air leaks in our accommodation. It also indicates how to use waterproof corks. Finally, she recommends that homes be well ventilated. Nel revealed five gestures to us in particular to help us during the winter of 2022.

These five tips for this winter!

Here is the first trick that Nel launched to hold this winter 2022. arranger somehow the air leaks from your home. It must change the sealing tip if it is lowered.

Then his other advice was to fragments the power of heater . And to do this, you just need to close the doors and use thick insulating curtains. Thereby, you will be able to accumulate heat . All this without touching the thermostat too often.

The architect also said good valves your accommodation. You may be wondering that this trick seems contradictory vis-à-vis the subject, no doubt. Except that Nel explained to us that when we keep our closed house , the air inside becomes polluted.

So this idea will be essential for this winter 2022 . The economic advice for this winter is also to isolate your walls with unalterable and effective confinement materials. And finally, the architect advised us to equip . It is thus necessary to favor warm clothes and comfortable .

Winter 2022: Nel is passionate about architecture!

The reason why the publication of the Normande went viral, that's her passion for architecture. Nel is constantly doing related research to innovate in its domain .

Indeed, before she released her tricks ingenious for winter 2022, the architect confided that she has always devoted herself to associations that turn to ecological architecture . However, she remains discreet.

Apparently, the advice she gave to face this winter of 2022 is not the first. Since she has already shown some ideas essential to deal with the heat wave .

The architect has already explained on internal t the techniques to adopt to cool off . But also precautions to take to protect yourself from the heat at home.