Winter sales: how long will they last this year?

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The French are more than eager to discover the discounts of the winter sales. Calendar, advice, timings,… We tell you everything.

  Sales of'hiver : jusqu’à quand vont-elles durer cette année ?

After a dizzying rise in prices , the upcoming arrival of the winter sales is eagerly awaited. Does one item of clothing in particular continue to catch your eye? A high-tech gadget in sight? A little patience, the weeks of sales will start soon . You will soon be able to buy that pair of sneakers, that floral dress or that phone you covet, at a knockdown price. Several brands responded to the call. In this summary, discover the calendar of this event, in addition to the advice to apply on D-Day.

What is the 2023 winter sales calendar?

Sales periods are provided for by law . These take place for a fixed period, in summer and winter.

According to the utility's website:

'Traders are not obligated to participate, nor to reduce the prices of all their stock.'

But if they participate, they generally offer unsold items for more than a month .

The 2023 winter sales will take place on Wednesday January 11, 2023 until Tuesday February 7, 2023. However, the departments of Vosges, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Moselle and Meuse will be a little further ahead . These follow the sales calendar of Belgium, but not that of France. On their side, Sales are set for Tuesday, January 3 until Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

During these 4 weeks, the products in stores will experience significant reductions . After this period, these brands will be able to continue discounts on their items . On the other hand, the public service site did specify:

'It is forbidden to use the word 'sales' outside these periods'.

Discounts after this legal sales period will rather be considered as isolated promotions or private sales. So, mark these dates in your diary.

Which stores will take part in the 2023 winter sales?

Every year, many stores take part in the sales. This event attracts a large number of consumers because of the bargains on offer. For good reason, it is the only time of the year when selling at a loss is regulated. The sales will therefore present many more reductions and good deals only during Black Friday in France .

During these winter sales, many merchants display extremely low prices in the market . This is particularly the case of Aliexpress, Amazon, Boulanger, Cdiscount, Darty, Fnac, Rakuten and many more.

Take advantage of this moment to find the best deals in high-tech devices, household appliances, cosmetics or clothing. See you at the most anticipated brands this winter, namely Asos, Dyson, Beauty Success, Nike, La Redoute, etc.

You can also look at independent multi-brand stores. The latter offer original models that are just waiting the passage of a lucky consumer . They offer more choices than classic fast fashion stores. Moreover, their employees are better used to advising multiple clients at once . You will therefore have a better experience during the sales, in these establishments.

4 very simple tips for successful sales

To shoot the best advantage of this discount season , here are the tips to follow absolutely:

Make a list of your needs

Writing a list helps keep track of the items you need, based on your budget. A pre-established plan, will keep you away from impulse purchases .

Every year, many make the mistake of succumbing to bargain-priced products for fill cupboards with useless items . This attitude is however at the origin of an overproduction harmful to the environment.

Indeed, the Ministry of Ecological Transition claims that 600,000 tons of textiles per year arrive on the French market. These data represent 10 kilograms of tissue per capita each year. To avoid waste, it is essential that everyone only focuses on the pieces that he really likes .

Always try on your clothes

During the winter sales, the fitting rooms are often filled and the wait seems endless . In the aftermath, many are tempted to buy a dress at a reduced price without trying it on. However, this is not always the best choice to make. You might end up with an item you don't like that you'll never wear. Especially since in-store exchanges are not fun . This is why you should take your time before buying items on sale.

Shop at department stores

Big stores remain the most reliable when it comes to sales . But before any purchase, always check the important details like the terms of return. Thus, you will not have any problem when it comes to reimbursements. You can even make an exchange with other items, if your purchase did not really bring you satisfaction .

Get promo codes

Promotional codes are a very interesting approach during the sales period. The best way to take advantage of it is when shopping online where it is possible to combine promo codes and discounts. However, it is an uncommon practice in physical stores .

When can you make the most of the winter sales?

To not miss a good deal, the best way is to go there as soon as the winter sales open. Indeed, the first consumer to arrive will always be the one who will have the greatest room for maneuver than the others.

To find your favorite at a lower cost, do not hesitate to do some scouting beforehand on brand websites that interest you. You can then draw the desired piece before everyone else. Just make sure that the coveted item is the right size .

Always save part of your budget for the last week of the winter sales. After all, this is the period when stores offer the most competitive prices . Don't empty your wallet too quickly. The best is yet to come.

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