Woody Allen’s Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About The Molestation Claims & A 1970s Folk Song

As we’ve reported, the documentary about Dylan Farrow‘s accusations of kid molestation versus Woody Allen might be called Allen v Farrow, like a legal trial, however it’s not set up like one.

That’s due to Woody’s rejection to take part in what his main declaration calls a “hatchet task” from HBO— which he mentions “has a standing production offer and company relationship with Ronan Farrow” All we have now from the filmmaker in defense versus the terrible allegations is what he’s stated in the past. Previously today, we dove into his 1992 60 Minutes interview in which he made a complete rejection of any misbehavior in concerns to Dylan– while confessing practically whatever about his affair with Soon-Yi Previn, obviously regret complimentary. He recommended because sit-down that his ex Mia Farrow had actually cooked up the whole Dylan story which his child need to have “been coached systematically” to duplicate it.

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But another more current counterclaim from the Midnight In Paris director can be discovered in his narrative from simply in 2015.

Apropos of Nothing ultimately came out in 2015 after a fight with Hachette Book Group due to protest from Dylan and a subsequent walkout from 75 staff members. Ultimately it was released by Skyhorse Publishing— which is now, surprisingly, threatening legal action versus the makers of the documentary for greatly excerpting their audiobook without consent.

While the doc might be utilizing excerpts of Woody Allen checking out from chapters in his book about dating Mia and parenting, we’re curious if they’ll utilize the part where he protects himself versus the accusations. What does he state that’s brand-new? Well, it’s along the exact same lines as the interview; he declares Mia was violent and coached her child into duplicating the story of being abused up until she thought it. There’s the included component of a sort of conspiracy theory to it.

First, let’s rewind to something we understand remains in the doc …

In old video footage from the time, young Dylan informs her mom on electronic camera about 2 events of abuse. In one video, she states he took her to the attic and molested her:

” He stated, ‘What about some father-daughter time?’ And after that I stated, ‘Well, OK.’ We entered into your [Mia’s] space and we entered into the attic. He began informing me unusual things. He went behind me and touched my privates … I didn’t desire him to do it, mother. I didn’t like it … I do not wish to discuss it.”

That place, the attic, is main to Allen’s theory that his whole thing is a scam cooked up by Mia. He states Dory Previn concerned him and spelled everything out.

Dory is the ex-wife of Andre Previn, whom Mia remained in a long relationship with prior to Woody. (Andre was the embraced dad of Soon-Yi.) After Mia and Andre’s affair broke up their marital relationship, Dory broke down and was briefly institutionalised.

After coming out she composed a great deal of folk tunes about injury– consisting of one about enduring kid molestation called With My Daddy In The Attic

Allen states Dory connected to him after the allegations went public to explain the resemblances in between among Dylan’s accounts and the tune lyrics:

” She signaled me to a tune she had actually composed, the lyric of which described some encounter that went on in between a little lady and her dad in the attic. She informed me Mia would sing it, and she was particular that’s what provided Mia the concept to find a phony molestation allegation she would make in the attic.”

The lyrics consist of numerous weird connections, to the point you ‘d believe it was an ill tune composed about Woody– up until you recognized it was released in 1970, over 20 years previously. Lyrics consist of:

With my Daddy in the attic
With my Daddy in the attic
That is where
My being wishes to bed

Door closed on my mother
And my brother or sister competitors
And my Shirley Temple doll
That genuinely weeps

That is where
My dark destination lies
With his
Madness on the nightstand
Placed next to
His crammed weapon
In the scary proximity
Of his eyes

And strangely sufficient:

And he’ll play his clarinet
When I misery

His clarinet. Wow. In case you didn’t understand, Woody is an accomplished jazz clarinet gamer.

Woody Allen clarinet Dylan Farrow
( c) HBO/YouTube

Did Mia actually understand the tune? Well, she understood the album. Another track from it was called Beware of Young Girls, and it was everything about her stealing Dory’s male. It was essentially a folk music diss track. Mia pointed out knowing the tune in her 1993 custody trial.

But could Mia actually have utilized the tune as motivation the method Dory claims? And persuaded Dylan? What mom could do that do their child?

Obviously this is barely evidence of Woody’s innocence, however it is a definitely wild addition to the defense, best??

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