Woody Allen’s Defense – Everything He Said About Molestation Claims At The Time!

The Woody Allen documentary has when again put the popular filmmaker’s molestation scandal under the spotlight.

With brand-new testament from Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow, and Dylan Farrow— plus never-before-seen archive video of Dylan at simply 7 years of ages making her allegations of abuse– Allen v Farrow assures to tip the scales even further versus Woody in the court of popular opinion.

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Of course, that raises a huge concern: why has it taken so long for allegations of kid molestation to stick??

The Annie Hall director’s movies were enjoyed, particularly amongst cinephiles and critics, however was that actually adequate factor for individuals to immediately take his side over a girl’s allegations?

The doc is called Allen v Farrow, however the defense is significantly missing out on– as Woody declined to take part in the documentary. (He declares he was intentionally offered brief notification so he could not resist versus what he calls a “hatchet task.”) Allen has actually hardly spoken about the accusations for the previous 3 years. When whatever was still brand-new, he in fact did feel the requirement to protect himself.

In a prolonged interview on 60 Minutes, Woody went on nationwide TELEVISION and discussed his side.

So what did he state in his own defense at the time that encouraged many fans he was innocent of the charges? Let’s dive in and see …

A Total Non-Event

He started by providing a complete rejection– not even an effort to recommend there was a misconception– simply directly calling BS:

” A massive market has actually been constructed on an overall non-event, and when I state overall non-event, I indicate overall non-event. It wasn’t– it wasn’t as if, you understand, I tickled my child or something and much has actually been overemphasized. I’m stating absolutely nothing at all. I indicate, I increased and had fun with the kids, read them stories, did– did my normal things. We played out on the yard and, you understand, had a fantastic time with them, and out of this has actually grown psychologists and legal representatives and district lawyers and private detectives and– I indicate, I’m stating it’s a multimillion-dollar market that has actually grown up over an overall non-event.”

When asked directly if it might have been a misconception, Woody rejected even that opportunity:

” There is no possibility. There is no possibility that anything from another location ever taken place to Dylan or that I ever did anything to Dylan, and I’m stating not even in a general method.”

Allen is stated to have actually come for a see to Mia’s Connecticut house while his ex was away and touched his child wrongly on the sofa. The filmmaker indicate the timing of this accusation as being suspect.

His affair with Mia’s embraced child Soon-Yi Previn— which he has actually never ever rejected– had actually simply been discovered. The 2 were going through a very antagonistic split, something Woody thinks is great proof versus his supposed habits with his child on the day in concern:

” Well, be rational about this. I’m 57. Isn’t it illogical that I’m going to, at the height of an extremely bitter, acrimonious custody battle, increase to Connecticut where no one likes me in a home– I’m in a home loaded with opponents. I indicate, Mia was so angered at me and she had actually gotten all the kids to be upset at me, that I’m going to increase there, and all of a sudden, on visitation, select this minute in my life to end up being a kid molester. It’s simply– it’s simply unbelievable. I might have– if I wished to be a kid molester, I had lots of chances in the past. I might have silently made a custody settlement with Mia in some method and done it in the future. I indicate– you understand, it’s so crazy.”

Her Revenge

The significant concern one might naturally come to confronted with Woody’s rejection is obviously … why would anybody comprise such a thing? Well, that he lays at the doorstep of his ex, Mia Farrow, whom he thinks was getting a twisted vengeance on him for the affair with Soon-Yi. He informed recruiter Steve Kroft, who asked that really concern, he figured Dylan needs to have “been coached systematically to inform the story” by her mom:

” By Mia, yeah, due to the fact that to start with, a number of weeks prior to it occurred, Mia called me on the phone and stated– in the course of an argumentative telephone call, she stated, ‘I have something really nasty prepared for you.’ And I stated, ‘What are you going to do, shoot me?'”

So he thinks Mia would actually comprise a story of kid molestation and encourage Dylan through repeating that it’s what occurred to her? Yep.

He continued:

” And on lots of, lots of celebrations, lots of celebrations, over the phone and personally, Mia had actually stated to me, ‘You took my child, and I’m going to take yours.’ She suggested by it that I had actually formed a relationship with her 21-year-old child and she was going to get my child, who’s Dylan. I just have one child. That’s what she suggested. She was going to seek her vengeance that method.”

Could he actually think Mia would sink so low regarding create kid molestation? Well, Woody competed she didn’t believe she was making it up– the Dylan things particularly, yes, however not the basic label. He informed Kroft that his ex considered him “ethically guilty” of kid molestation from the very first time she learnt about Soon-Yi.

That a minimum of is not tough to think; lots of did and still do think about that disobedience to be not simply a sign of a bigger pattern and more character proof versus him– however likewise basically pedophilia in itself, particularly if it’s real the affair started when she was still in high school as some have actually declared.

But Allen thinks Mia turned this exemplary anger into an incorrect story. He stated she when published a note on a door (which he revealed to 60 Minutes) when he concerned Dylan’s birthday celebration reading:

” Child molester at birthday celebration! Molded, then abused one sis; now concentrated on youngest sis. Household disgusted.”

‘ This Is Insane’

Allen’s other defense was to explain how irregular Mia’s habits was towards him surrounding the allegation.

For circumstances, he stated, if there had actually been something incorrect with the method he had actually dealt with Dylan for several years, as Mia now declared, what she stated on record about his parenting was the precise reverse. He explained:

” She composed a radiant, radiant letter, or an affidavit, stating that I was simply a caring and a caring and mindful daddy, which I was– that my embracing Dylan would be excellent advantage to her. This was her sworn affidavit, you understand … She composed it in December of in 2015.”

That was the month prior to she learnt about Soon-Yi. After that whatever altered– well, not whatever.

He declared:

” What occurred was insane habits that ended up being incre- you understand, dreadful rage, death dangers. Look, if this is not unreasonable to you– I indicate, she implicated me of kid molestation on August 4th? Which I molested my child. You- you understand, I molested my child and August 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 8th– you understand, the week after, she’s totally stating, ‘When do we start our brand-new motion picture? I’m choosing my outfit fitting next week.'”

That movie was 1993’s Manhattan Murder Mystery Mia was suggested to play his spouse in the movie, a function he had actually composed for her.

” … I stated, ‘What do you indicate, the brand-new motion picture?’ And she- and I- and she stated, ‘Well, you understand, I- I’m expected to enter and see the outfit designer. I’ve got to get my fitting, and I- we’re going to start shooting in another 5 weeks.’ And I stated, ‘Are you joking? You’re implicating me of kid molestation, and you believe we’re going to simply happen with the motion picture?'”

Allen’s point? If Mia actually thought the molestation had taken place, how could she perhaps still wish to deal with him? And yet she totally anticipated to. Woody was surprised:

” I stated that– you understand, obviously, ‘This is crazy.’ I indicate, I stated– you understand, I informed my- my attorney that, you understand, they must call her and end the agreement, and I headed out and worked with another starlet to play the function.”

Mia was changed with Woody’s other long time partner Diane Keaton, and the motion picture became his very first because 1980 not to co-star Farrow.

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The director did state Mia’s habits altered in other methods, that she all of a sudden discovered religious beliefs when she “was never ever spiritual for 60 seconds in all the years” he understood her. Oh, which she threatened to eliminate him:

” She’s threatened my life often times. I indicate, she called me and threatened my- she’s threatened to have me eliminated and to eliminate me. And to- and to stick my eyes out, to stick my eyes out, to blind me due to the fact that she ended up being consumed with Greek catastrophe and- and felt that this- that that would be a fitting, you understand, revenge.”

That part, obviously, is constant with a mom who thinks her child has actually been molested.


Mia think it or not? Woody was uncertain at the time on that rating:

” She might think it and wish to think it. She might think it and have actually encouraged herself of it; or she might not think it. In the most negative variation of it, you understand, Soon-Yi thinks that she does not think it. Soon-Yi believes that it’s definitely in character, that she has actually made it up rather calculatingly.” What About Soon-Yi? Speaking of Woody’s brand-new admirer– with whom he has remained together for 30 years now– how did he respond to the concept that really affair was proof he


a kid molester?

First, he validated he didn’t believe he ‘d done anything incorrect in his relationship with Soon-Yi, stating just that it was “imaginable to me that it’s questionable.”

But as much as he would not reject his relationship with his ex’s embraced child (he even put it in those terms in the interview, stating, “I have actually shown up in an affair with another female, which other female is her child”), he declined to permit linking of those dots. He stated rather emphatically:

” … it was an absolutely different thing. Wha- what I’m getting at here exists has actually been an effort to connect my relationship with Soon- Soon-Yi with charges of kid molestation. They’re 2 entirely various things. I have an adult relationship with Soon-Yi. Those individuals that feel- they wish to feel that it’s- it’s doubtful and not their taste or they– she’s too young for me or she’s Mia’s child, and– or whatever they wish to believe, I’ll take that heat. I– I’m accountable for that. I accept all the criticism that they desire, you understand, that– it’s my life and it’s Soon-Yi’s life and I- I accept that. That does not indicate that I must be charged with kid molestation.”


Allen likewise declared he didn’t appreciate his track record as he continued his relationship with Soon-Yi (” Yeah, I see her when she- when she leaves school.” Ick.). He stated:

” I do not believe my representative- I can ever get my track record back, however I do not care about that. It’s unimportant to me that if I stroll down the street and somebody believes, ‘Hey, wasn’t that the person that was when implicated of kid molestation? Well, he- he rejected it, however we never ever actually understood if it was so or not.’ You understand, that does not trouble me. That- that- that’s the least of my issues. I care– if you inform me that I- that I might see my kids and be with them and all of that, which- which- that’s all that I appreciate …

It does not matter to me if tomorrow you stated to me, ‘No one is ever visiting your movies once again,’ or ‘You will never ever be worked with once again,’ this example. It does not- you understand, it- it would not matter to me.” If he feels in a different way today, We question. He clearly has actually been avoided his kids. And just recently he has actually virtually been blacklisted as the majority of stars decline to work with him, and he’s had a fair bit of difficulty getting his motion pictures made and dispersed.

But considering his absence of involvement in the HBO doc, we’re thinking this interview might be the most he ever attempts to protect himself openly. What do YOU believe? You can see the whole interview on the 60 Minutes


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