Xavier Les 12 coups de midi: this little tackle against the show that did not go unnoticed

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Recently, Xavier (Les 12 coups de midi) was able to pay for his adventure for his 10th birthday.

  Xavier Les 12 coups de midi: this little tackle against the show that did not go unnoticed

It therefore remains this Thursday that Xavier ( The 12 strokes of noon ) celebrated its very 10th anniversary of arrival on the set of 12 noon shots. The opportunity for him to remember his adventure . But, if the latter seems to have had a good time on the set, he still seems to have a regret. And the latter seems to be heading towards the host, Jean-Luc Reichmann. We'll explaine everything here.

Xavier (Les 12 coups de midi), a singular midday master

It has already been more than twelve years since Jean-Luc Reichmann saw his baby, The 12 strokes of noon , released for the first time. And, in this lapse of time, he was able to see things happen. Whether it remains laughter, tears, fears or even giggles . And all of this would of course not be possible without all the candidates. But also the public who participates. But, among those that fans of 12 noon shots have remembered, there is Xavier (Les 12 coups de midi) . It must be said that the latter was able to spend many shows on the set. And his knowledge never ceases to amaze everyone, including Jean-Luc Reichmann.

And this Thursday, January 5, it was exactly ten years since Xavier (Les 12 coups de midi) was able to set foot on the set of the show for the first time. This allowed him to make a journey. With 76 participations in total. But, if the number doesn't stay higher, it's Xavier's decision, not a loss . It seems that for professional reasons, he was unable to continue participating in this game show. But, this did not prevent him from arriving eleventh in the ranking of the best midday masters.

But, even if Xavier ( The 12 strokes of noon ) had to stop the show, this does not prevent him from making small returns at times. Indeed, we often see it on the prime times of 12 noon shots. Moreover, for ten years, he has been able to do 22. In any case, the latter always responds present. And visibly surprised that he is called so frequently.

A personality apart

Because, if Xavier (Les 12 coups de midi) sees that he is often called to come and participate in programs. But he doesn't really seem to understand why. He confided to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs that “ I imagine that I marked people since I am reminded each time . I have no explanation to provide but it is always a pleasure to come back. As long as they call me, I will come . There is a soap opera side, people become attached to the life of this or that person. Why attach more to someone rather than another, it is always complicated to know. Maybe I'm really a nice guy, who knows? (laughs) ”.

So, for the occasion of his 10th anniversary since his meeting with the show, Xavier (Les 12 coups de midi) was able to come to the set again. Besides, it must be said that he does not seem to lose his hand. In 22 bonuses, he still won the Master Battles 7 times . This fight therefore remains an opportunity to bring together the greatest masters of midday to make a duel, and obviously, Xavier clearly does not lose anything in knowledge.

Xavier's request

More, yes Xavier ( The 12 strokes of noon ) seems to adore challenging other champions, he still has a complaint to make against Jean-Luc Reichmann. Indeed, when the master of masters seems elected, he leaves empty-handed. A disappointment for the former midday master who does not really understand this choice.

In fact, he even compared it to another show from a competing channel. “ Of course I would find it cool . I don't think winning hundreds of thousands of euros is a good thing, we have already had some interesting gains in our career. But maybe for the winner a short trip as is the case in the premiums of Do not forget the lyrics . I will find it symbolic ”. But he adds “ The main thing is to make a kitty for an association at each bonus ”. So until then, the old midday masters are only playing for a good cause.

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