Yanis Marshall: Star Academy has changed his life, he confides in his projects

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Since the end of Star Academy, Yanis Marshall, the dance teacher, has continued to multiply projects. A show that changed his life.

  Yanis Marshall: Star Academy has changed his life, he confides in his projects

The Star Academy made its big comeback on TF1 this year. Indeed, from October 15 to November 26, big fans were able to follow the adventure of thirteen young candidates during the tenth season of telecrochet. It must be said that this opportunity has provided real support for their brilliant careers which are only just beginning. However, they are not the only ones to benefit from this spotlight. Indeed, the dance teacher, Yanis Marshall, loved his participation in the Star Academy. Since the final it seems that it keeps moving . Recently, in an interview granted to our colleagues from BFM TV, Yanis Marshall spoke about the three projects he is currently working on. We'll explaine everything here !

Great companions in the Star Academy

To support students this year, new faces have appeared on the small screen. The new director of Star Academy, Michael Goldman, was able to help the candidates when they entrusted the need. The son of Jean-Jacques Goldman has therefore accepted a major role in the tenth season of telecrochet. However, he was not alone! Indeed, the various teachers have also supported the students. Whether it was for the difficulties they encountered on stage, their mental health, or simply to speak in a more private setting. If you've ever watched Star Academy, then you know there's many teachers to support the students.

This year, this aspect of telecrochet has not changed. First of all, viewers were able to meet Laure Balon, designated for the role of the new teacher of scenic expression of the Star Academy . This function which was occupied by Raphaëlle Ricci. In order to help the students occupy the stage, Pierre de Brauer therefore provided the theater lessons. Next, Joël Bouraïma, the new sports teacher nicknamed 'Coach Joe'. Then, the teaching of singing was entrusted to Adeline Toniutti. Indeed, the latter occupied the position held by Armande Altaï in the past . And finally, Yanis Marshall, the new dance teacher . Of course, the students could also use the knowledge of two tutors. Lucie Bernardoni, finalist of the fourth season of the Star Academy , and Marlène Schaff, who participated in season 2 of The Voice. 

Yanis Marshall: dance teacher

Since the end of the tenth season of the Star Academy , it would seem that Yanis Marshall has nothing more to prove. During the telecrochet, he was able to reveal his expertise, his advice but above all his talent. It must be said that his role was not easy. A dance teacher who knew help students discover their talent. It should be noted that this indispensable role has given him a place in the spotlight. During the Star Academy, Yanis Marshall knew how to show herself under a very demanding eye. Obviously coming from a spirit of benevolence , he has always sought to encourage students to surpass themselves. On the other hand, he did not hesitate to reframe the students who needed it. And this, such as Julien for his nonchalance.

Yanis Marshall is often noticed. Whether it be in the street thanks to her high heels , or in the Star Academy for his talent. A reality TV candidate, who participated in the Fifty show, Jessica Errero, gave her opinion on Yanis Marshall. According to her, he showed his preferences too much during the competition. However, it seems that he failed to achieve this wish. Indeed, he had a fondness for Louis. Shortly before the final of the Star Academy, the latter had explained that he had a preference for Louis , one of four finalists. If you followed the Star Academy final, you will know that Anisha won the tenth season of TF1 telecrochet.

Three projects in the near future

The grand finale of the tenth season of Star Academy took place on November 26. Thus, to the greatest misfortune of viewers, the evenings seem empty. However, for students, their careers have only just begun. It must be said that this goes for some teachers as well. Yanis Marshall wishes to take advantage of this visibility to advance in his personal projects . It must be said that his participation in the Star Academy has already succeeded. Indeed, he has been giving dance lessons in Paris for several years. Recently, the latter has seen the number of registrations multiply. According to our colleagues from BFM TV , Yanis Marshall would have confided: “ Before, there were fewer people. Now we need very very large rooms ».

But that's not all! Indeed, the latter has many other professional projects in mind. Since the end of Star Academy, the latter has sought to make three of his biggest dreams come true. « I have the project to open a cabaret, to make my brand of heels and to open my dance school in Paris “, he confided. Although these projects date from before TF1 telecrochet, it should be noted that the new visibility will undoubtedly allow it to carry them out more quickly. In addition, the dancer in heels is also keen to continue this momentum on television.

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