Zazie very close to Florent Pagny, she gives news of the singer

modified: 2023-01-22 19:01:02

The singer Zazie knows the former coach of The Voice well. She therefore revealed several information about the star, in full recovery.

  Zazie very close to Florent Pagny, she gives news of the singer

The year 2022 has seen many upheavals. For Florent Pagny, she even took on airs of defiance. Indeed, last January, the artist spoke on Instagram , to announce his lung cancer. In the months that followed, the former coach of The Voice often gave his news to his public . And since this summer, the artist seems to be getting better and better. But for now, the singer has still not returned to the stage . However, according to the latest news, his fans were to find him this summer. His friend, Zazie took the floor to discuss the convalescence of Florent Pagny .

The singer explains that 'the treatment worked well'

Zazie is one of those who followed the star closely during his fight against the disease. And according to her, the healing of Florent Pagny is now well underway. While the latter had made the decision to withdraw from these relatives, he often called him. “Every time I have him on the phone, we laugh. He's in Patagonia right now and he's doing really well. »

And according to Zazie, the singer has now been able recover from the effects of chemotherapy . 'It's still a cancer, it's a dirty beast, but Florent has found his voice. He even has a few hairs growing back. »

Of the the announcement of this terrible diagnosis , Zazie did not hesitate to support and encourage the artist. 'I find it good the way he spoke about it by saying 'Ok guys, we are not supermen, everyone can be concerned'. It was courageous, transparent, without taboo. »

If she has always supported Florent Pagny, Zazie also took the trouble to change her mind a bit these last months. And this to preserve the morale of the singer. Just because you have cancer doesn't make you cancer. With Florent, we also talked about other subjects when we called each other during his chemo. »

Zazie will find Florent Pagny on stage

In recent months, the singer has been rare. Invited by Nagui in October, to perform on the set, Florent Pagny had to cancel his visit . And this to preserve his own health. A news that had been able to frighten its public.

But recently, the artist reassured everyone, announcing that he would participate in several festivals from summer 2023 . An announcement, again, confirmed by Zazie. 'I can't wait to see it in person. I already told Florent that we were going to try to have fun together. I could, for example, squat his stage by doing the backing vocals, in disguise. »

For those who long for see Florent Pagny back on stage , know that he will perform at the Festival de Nîmes on June 30, and at the Festival de Poupet on July 5. Good news for those who have always supported the singer through these difficult months. Zazie should thus sing at his side during several dates. So these announcements sound like a relief, for all those who have been afraid of not see the singer back in the limelight .

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