Zone Interdite: €7,500 is the price this woman paid to look like Rihanna

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In 'Forbidden Zone', a young woman spends a pretty sum on plastic surgery to look like Rihanna, her idol.

  Zone Interdite: €7,500 is the price this woman paid to look like Rihanna

In recent years, with the influence of stars like members of the Kardashian family, cosmetic surgery has become popular . Indeed, more and more women resort to it in order to erase complexes . Only then, it happens that some of them abuse it , even if it means taking big risks. And this, with the aim of get “the perfect body” or look like their favorite stars . This is what the next issue of 'Zone Interdite' will show, broadcast on M6 this Sunday, January 15.

Change the color of his eyes

The show team actually decided to follow some women who have decided to resort to aesthetic medicine. And this, for reasons that are specific to each of them.

For Shérine, just 22 years old, her goal is to look like Rihanna . For this, the young woman decided to perform a cosmetic surgery not very called keratopigmentation. It is described by “Forbidden Zone” as a 'cornea tattoo' .

For information, this intervention was performed in France for the first time 10 years ago , by Dr. Francis Ferrari, ophthalmic surgeon. Interviewed by the Journal des femmes on this operation, the specialist specified in particular :

“This technique is inspired by corneal tattooing, which has been around for 2,000 years. Galen, an ancient Greek physician, practiced it to pigment 'diseased' eyes with Indian ink. I combined the corneal tattooing technique with the laser technique by creating keratopigmentation to color healthy eyes. »

Basically, the operation consists of having pigment injected , the color of which is specially designed at the request of the customer, into the cornea. To do this, the surgeon creates a small tunnel in this part of the eye , using a laser.

Zone Interdite: a satisfied patient

As Ophélie Meunier explains in voice-over, in the world, only about ten ophthalmologists dare to perform this procedure .

Of course, this operation, although it presents '100% positive results', as Dr. Francis Ferrari points out, is not without risk . The latter points out:

“The serious complications are the same as for other operations, such as cataracts,” Dr. Ferrari points out. To know ; infections, loss of sight…”

Nevertheless, the ophthalmic surgeon maintains that to date, “none of these complications were observed” . In short, these risks obviously did not dissuade Shérine from offering the same eye color as Rihanna. Accompanied by a friend, the young woman of 22 years therefore pushed the doors of a specialized clinic . Under local anesthesia and in front of the cameras of 'Forbidden Zone', she underwent keratopigmentation, which lasts about 45 minutes .

Note that to have the same look as the interpreter of 'Where have you been', Shérine a dépensé 7500 euros . And the least we can say; is that she is satisfied with the result . From brown, his eyes have turned green.

'I'm shocked but I like it, I'm so happy,' she exclaimed at the end of the operation.

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A younger and younger patient base

Just like Sherine, many young people today succumb to cosmetic surgery . Indeed, from now on, patients under the age of 35 are in the majority in the practices. In the age of social networks like TikTok, Instagram, or Snapchat, the cult of appearance has reached its climax . Having become addicted to filters, which glorify often unrealistic standards of beauty, more and more young people are suffering from dysmorphia.

Because of this psychiatric disorder which can have important consequences in daily life , they do not hesitate to pass on the billiards. Luscious lips, prominent cheekbones, sculpted jaw and microscopic nose, the demands are multiple to look like the filters . This is particularly the case of another young woman that viewers will be able to follow in the next issue of “Zone Interdite”.

In France, according to a survey carried out by YouGov in 2020, 25% of young people aged 24-35, want to give in to the scalpel . According to Michaël Stora, psychologist and psychoanalyst, if we continue to trivialize cosmetic surgery, in the future, young people will be even more dependent on it .

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